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Credit Card Vocab

annual fee Yearly fee charged by some credit card companies.
ATM cash advance Using your credit card to get cash form an automated teller machine.
balance payer Someone who pays off his or her entire credit card balance each month.
balance transfer Paying off one credit card balance by transferring it to another credit card.
credit Borrowing money and promising to pay it back later.
credit card solicitations Advertisements sent in the mail inviting you to apply for credit cards.
credit cards Plastic cards used to make purchases on credit.
credit inquiry A lender's check of your credit rating.
credit line The maximum amount you can borrow on a credit card.
credit rating A detailed record of past borrowing and credit payments.
debit cards Plastic cards used to pay for purchases with funds you have in a bank account.
grace period Time period following your credit card statement date where no interest is charged if paid in full during a defined period of time.
interest Fee paid to a lender for use of money.
interest rate Annual percentage which when multiplied by your credit card balance equals the interest charge.
late fee Yearly fee charged by some credit cards.
loan consolidation Paying off all of your current loan balances by taking out one new, large loan.
minimum payment amount The minimum amount you must pay this month.
purchase enabler Using a credit card to make transactions where you already have the money in the bank and will pay the bill off in full each month.
store credit cards Cards issued by specific stores, for use in that company's stores only.
teaser rates Low, temporary interest rates offered by some credit cards.
debit cards Plastic cards used to pay for purchases that are withdrawn from funds you have in a bank account.
late fee Fee charged for a late payment.
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