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WWW List 23 big word

perspicuous brilliantly clear
egomania self-obsession
cacophony bad noise
congenital at birth
acronym initials-name
androgynous masculine and feminine
sacrosanct sacred
prescience foreknowledge
abrogate annul
loquacious talkative
disputatious argumentative
intercede mediate
circumscribed limited
enumerate to list
anomaly abnormality
diatribe abusive criticism
incisive sharp
pugnacious combative
revoke cancel
recant retract
pedagogue teacher
ethnocentrism racial or cultural prejudice
cryptologist code breaker
preclude foreclose
demagogue corrupt politician
tangible touchable
egocentric self-centered
soliloquy speech to oneself
sinecure easy lucrative job
mollify make soft
abjure renounce
oligarchy government of the few
intransigent not compromising
ingenuous innocent and naive
gregarious sociable
analgesic pain killer
neologism new word
xenophobia fear of foreigners
amorphous shapeless
prototype first model
incredulous not believing
malevolence evil intent
commensurate of like measure
captious fault-finding
bilateral two-sided
preponderance bulk
specious false
monomania obsession with one thing
omniscient all-knowing
neophyte beginner
Created by: cindijoanwallace