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TOEFL Vocab Stack 3

Useful vocabulary for the TOEFL--Topics: Time Efficiency & Ancient Life

structure n. something constructed, such as a building
adjust v. to change; to get accustomed to something
arbitrary adj. chosen simply by whim or chance, not for any specific reason
denominator the number written below the line in a fraction; The phrase 'lowest common denominator' means the most basic and unsophisticated things that people have in common/share
exponentially adj. at a very fast rate
infinitesimal adj. immeasurably small
maximize v. to increase or make as great as possible.
parallel adj. being an equal distance apart everywhere
proportion n. a part in relation to the whole
rate n. 1. the cost per unit of a good or service; 2. the motion or change that happens in a certain time
sequence v. to organize or arrange in succession
accuracy n. precision; exactness
adjacent adj. next to
compress v. to press together
feasibly adv.practically; in a way that can work
gut v. to empty or hollow out, (for example, a building or an animal) n. the "stomach of an animal"
integrally adv. in a whole or complete manner
overlap v. to lie over part of something; to have elements in common
retain v. to keep or hold
seep v. to pass slowly for a long time, a s a liquid or gas might
Created by: kellymaroo