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Exit Level Math TAKS

Vocabulary Review for the Exit Level Math TAKS

Parent Function The most basic graph (no shifts, stretches, etc.). *Must go through the origin* *Must be positive* ALWAYS LINEAR or QUADRATIC
Quadratic Parent Function y = x^2
Linear Parent Function y = x
Domain The X-VALUES for a specific function
Range The Y-VALUES for a specific function
Absolute Value Parent Function y = |x|
Equation of a line y = mx + b m = slope b = y - intercept
X - intercept Point where the line crosses the x-axis when y = 0 (x, 0)
Y - intercept Point where the line crosses the y-axis when x = 0 (0, y)
Undefined slope UP & DOWN IS UNDEFINED X = a #
Zero Slope AcrOss Y = a # (it can be graphed in the calc)
Regular ________ (the name of a shape) Tells you that all sides of the shape are congruent
Solution to a system of equations The point where the two graphs intersect
Solving equations The value or values that make the equation or inequality true (plug in the values and see which one works)
Solutions of a quadratic equation SOLUTIONS, ROOTS ZEROS, X-INTERCEPTS (where the graph crosses the x-axis)
perimeter The distance around the outside of a figure (in a circle, it is called the circumference)
Equilateral triangle All sides are equal, each angle is 60 degrees
Isosceles Triangle Two sides are the same (also means that two angles are the same)
Supplementary Angles The sum of the angles is 180 degrees (in alphabetical order C = 90, S = 180)
Complementary Angles The sum of the angles is 90o (in alphabetical order C = 90, S = 180)
Sum of the angles of a triangle 180
Less than Made with the LEFT hand, Means shade BELOW
reflection MIRROR
translation SHIFT/SLIDE
Greater than Made with the RIGHT hand, Means shade ABOVE
Parallel lines Have the same slope Never touch
Perpendicular lines Meet at a 90 degree angle
Line of symmetry A line that can be drawn through a figure that causes both sides to look identical
Scalene triangle A triangle that has no congruent sides
function The x’s don’t repeat!!! Passes the vertical line test (if you draw a vertical line anywhere on the graph it only touches the graph once)
Independent Variable (independent quantity) Y Variable who’s value DEPENDS on another variable (must be an unknown)
Dependent Variable (dependent quantity) X Variable who’s value can be chosen If given an equation, it is the variable IN the equation (must be an unknown)
Composite Figure A figure composed of different shapes
Similar figures has proportional sides (set up a proportion and cross multiply)
Total Surface Area The area of all of the surfaces of a three dimensional figure
Lateral Surface Area The area of the surfaces of a three dimensional figure NOT including the base(s)
Mean The average of a set of data (add all then divide by how many there are)
Median In a set of data that is written in numerical order, the one in the MIDDLE
Mode In a set of data, the one that occurs the MOST
Range In a set of data, the difference between the highest and lowest
Multiple probabilities To find the probability of MULTIPLE (more than one) things happening MULTIPLY
Rotation To twist or turn a figure
Theoretical Probability What you think should happen before you find the probability of a set of events
Volume The space inside a 3 dimensional figure How much a figure can hold
Experimental Probability What actually happened when you found the probability of a set of events
Dilation Make bigger or smaller (multiply by a scale factor)
Sales Tax A percentage. It is added to the original price. Ex. Shirt cost 14.50 and there is 8.25% tax 14.50 + 14.50*.0825 = 15.70
System of Equations More than one equation
Commission A percent of a person’s sales. It is ADDED to their hourly pay. Ex. Sally makes $6/hour and works 20 hours and commission is 5%. How much will she make if she sells $1000. 6*20 + .05*1000 = 170
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