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Personal Care

English Intermediate "Unit 5"

comb (c) a strip of plastic, metal, or wood with a row of narrow teeth, used for untangling or arranging the hair
brush (c) an implement with a handle, consisting of bristles, hair, or wire set into a block, used for cleaning or scrubbing
toothbrush (c) a small brush with a long handle, used for cleaning the teeth
razor (c) an instrument with a sharp blade or combination of blades, used to remove unwanted hair from the face or body
nail clipper (c) an instrument for cutting or trimming nails
nail file (c) a strip of roughened metal or an emery board used for smoothing and shaping the fingernails and toenails
soap (nc) a substance used with water for washing and cleaning
deodorant (nc) a substance that removes or conceals unpleasant smells, especially bodily odors
aftershave (nc) an astringent, typically scented lotion for applying to the skin after shaving
toothpaste (nc) a paste used on a toothbrush for cleaning the teeth
shampoo (nc) a liquid preparation containing detergent or soap for washing the hair
hairspray (nc) a solution sprayed onto a person’s hair to keep it in place
sunscreen (nc) a cream or lotion rubbed onto the skin to protect it from the sun
dental floss (nc)a soft thread of floss silk or similar material used to clean between the teeth
hand and body lotion (nc) a thick, smooth liquid preparation designed to be applied to the skin for medicinal or cosmetic purposes
lipstick (nc)colored cosmetic applied to the lips from a small solid stick
mascara (nc) a cosmetic for darkening and thickening the eyelashes
eye shadow (nc)a colored cosmetic, typically in powder form, applied to the eyelids or to the skin around the eyes to accentuate them
face powder (nc) flesh-tinted cosmetic powder used to improve the appearance of the face by reducing shine and concealing blemishes
nail polish (nc) varnish applied to the fingernails or toenails to color them or make them shiny
Created by: JJRR
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