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biological beginings pt1

what correlations occur because biological parents who are genetically related to the child provide a rearing environment for the child, children of alchohalics have genetic and influential greater risk to alcohalism based on those factors passive genotype environment correlations
what correlations occur because a childs charicteristics elicit certain types of environments that reinforce the behavior or personality trait, an insecure baby will irritate its parent who will be less efective in calmingthe baby, insecurity persists. evocative genotype environment correlations
what occurs when children seek out environments that they find compatable aand stimulating? athletic children joining sports, adhd chlidren watching tv finding a setting that is suited to ones abilities. active niche picking genotype environment correlations.
what theory states that development is the result of an ongoing bidirectional interchange between heredity and the environment, they operate together or collaborate to produce a persons weight intelligence, temperament, height, ability to read, etc the epigenetic view
what period of life lasts about 38 weeks from fertilization to birth, includes 3 periods not the same as trimesters the course of prenatal development
what period occurs after the first two weeks after conception, the creation of the zygote, zygote divides as the embryo travels down fallopian tube becomes blastocyst the germinal period
what is the ball of cells that is hollow made up of outer cells that become placenta and inner cells become embryo the blastocyst
what is the attachment of the blastocyst or blastocysts to the uterine wall about 10 to 14 days after conception, ending the germinal period. implantation
what period occurs from two to eight weeks after conception, begins cell differentiation for different functions inner mast cells flatten to a disk the enbryonic period
what is the process of organ formation durring the first two months of prenatal development organogenesis
what is one of the embryos life support systems, a bag containing a clear fluid in which the developing embryo floats the amnion
what embryonic life support mechanism contains two arteries and one vein and "connects" the baby to the placenta the umbilical cord
what embryonic life support mechanism consists of a disk shaped group of tissues in which small blood vessels from the mother and the offspring intertwine but do not join? the placenta
what period begins two months after conception and lasts for seven months, the sense of touch develops first, fetus can open and close eyes in the late second trimester, can react to light, cant see well after birth, can smell and taste in last trimester the fetal period
what is the name for the probibility of survival outside the womb begining at the third trimester about 24 to 25 weeks after conception viability
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