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Vocab Unit 11 Yellow

Casual Showing little concern; informal
Corrupt Not honest; willing to abuse power
Covet To desire eagerly or wrongfully, without thinking about the rights of others
Dependent Relying on another person for help or support, or relying on something in order for something else to happen
Gratify To please or satisfy
Insinuate To suggest or hint slyly
Noteworthy Worthy of notice; outstanding because of some special excellence
Notorious Widely known because of bad behavior
Perjury Lying in a court of law after taking an oath not to lie
Random By chance; not planned or prearranged; irregular
Simultaneously Existing, occurring, or operating at the same time
Status 1. A situation or state of affairs 2. Position relative to that of others; standing
Substantial Large, important; major
Tragedy 1. A thing or event that is disastrous or terrible 2. A play that has a sad ending
Void Empty or unfilled space
Created by: jenwalls