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Vocab Unit 10 Yellow

Antagonize To make an enemy of; to stir up anger or dislike
Apathy A lack of interest or concern
Arbitrate To settle a disagreement between two parties by having a third party make a decision after hearing both sides
Bestow To give as an honor; to present as a gift
Bigot One who is not tolerant of people who are different
Capsize To turn bottom-side-up; overturn
Compromise The settlement of a disagreement by having each side give up something
Epidemic A rapid spread or increase in the occurrence of something, especially a disease
Haggle To argue in a petty, back-and-forth manner, especially about a price
Homicide The killing of one person by another
Irate Very angry; furious
Permanent Lasting for a long time, maybe forever
Persist To continue steadily in an action, to refuse to stop or be changed; to last, remain
Rant To speak wildly and violently
Wrath Intense anger
Created by: jenwalls