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chemistry vocab 10

ionic bonding bonding in which one or more electons are transferred from one atom to another
ionic reaction a chemical reaction which ions in solution combine to form a product that leaves the reaction enviornment
ionization the formation of ions from polar solute molecules by the action of the solvent
isomer one of twoo or more compounds having the same molecular formula, but different structures
isometric a crystaline system in which the three axes are at right angles, as in a cube, and are of equal length
isotope one of two or more forms of atoms with the same atomic number but with different atomic numbers
kaolin a fine white clay composed of hydrated aluminum silicate
kelvin temperature temperature on the kelvin scale which numerically 273 degrees higher than that on the celsius scale
kernal the portion of an atom excluding the valence electrons
hetone an organic compound that contains the C= O group
kiln a furnace used for producing quicklime, marking glass, baking pottery, etc.
kilo metric prefix meaning 1,000
kilocalorie the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water one celsius degree
kinetic theory a theory pertaining to the motion of the ultimate particles of substances and, in particles, of the molecule of gases
lake a pigment made by precipitating a dye with aluminum hydroxide
lanthanide series rare earth element of the sixth period, in which the transitional inner building of the 5d sublevel is interpreted by the inner building of the 4f sublevel
law a generalization which describes behavior in nature
leavening agent a substance which releases carbon dioxide in a dough or batter
lime calcium oxide, CaO, also called quicklime
lime, slacked a common name for calcium hydroxide
limewater a water solution of calcium hydroxide
linear accelerator a particle accerlorator in which the particles travel in a straight line thru many stages of potential difference
lipid an organic compound found in a plant and animal tissue which is insoluble in water, but soluble in nonpolar slovents
liquefication the process of converting a gas or solid to a liquid
liquid the state of matter characterized by a definite volume, but an indefinite shape
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