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Math Final Terms

"1 - Ms. Whalley's Math Terms"

Mode the number that appears the most
Mean the average
About means not the actual answer
Quotient the answer to a division problem
Per to multiply
Perimeter the distance around the shape
Of multiply
Ordered Pair the coordinates used to plot points on a coordinate grid
Is Equal
Difference the answer to a subtraction problem
Circumference the distance around the circle
Median the number in the middle of a set of numbers
Chord a line that crosses a circle, but does not touch the center
Range subtracting the lowest number from the highest number
Central Range is formed by two radii
Area the space inside a shape
Evaluate to solve
Equivalent equal
Absolute Value how far the number is from zero
Operation add, subtract, multiply, and divide
Radius a line that begins at the center of the circle to its edge.
IRSMS rules for division of fractions
Process parenthesis and exponents
Diameter a line that goes straight across the circle through the center.
ISMS rules for multiplication of fractions
Reasonable answer makes sense
Expression has no equal sign
Terminating decimal a decimal that ends
Percent out of 100
Volume length x width x height
Lowest term simpliest form
Equation has an equal sign
Rate compares two quantities with different units
Estimate about
Bar notation used to show that numbers repeat
LCM the smallest product of any two numbers
Congruent same shape and same size
Exponent the number that tells you how many times the base is used as a factor
Simplify to break down a fraction
Reciprocal the inverse of a fraction
Similar same shape, different size
Central angle part of a circle formed by two radii
Ratio compares two of the same thing
GCF the largest of the common factors of two or more numbers
Bar graph a graph used to compared different things
Repeating decimal a decimal that does not end
Inverse the reverse, opposite
Line graph a graph used to show change over time
Right 90 degrees
Prime a number with only two factors one and itself
order of operations the order used to solvea problem, PEMDAS
Y axis the vertical axis
Opposite the smae distance from zero, but on the other side
Composite a number with more than two factors
Acute less than 90 degrees
Circle 360 degrees
Pi 3.14
Cross Products product of the means equals the product of the extremes
Cubed cm3
Obtuse more than 90 degrees
X axis the horizontal axis
Squared cm2
Orgin the center of the coordinate grid
Tree diagram used to represent the number of outcomes
Created by: cwhalley