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chemistry :(

blah blah blah....

1.What is absolute zero? a state when atoms are in the lowest possible energy state.
2.What is accuracy? refers to how close a measured value is an accepted value.
3.What is acid-base indicator? Chemical dye whose color is affected by acidic and basic solutions.
4.What is an actinide series? In the periodic table, the f-block elements from period 7 that follow the element actinium.
5.What is an active site? The pocket or crevice to which a substance binds in an enzyme-catalyzed reaction.
6.What is alcohol? An organic compound in which a hydroxyl group replaces a hydrogen atom of a hydrocarbon.
7.What is an alloy? A mixture of elements that have metallic properties.
8.What is alpha radiation? Radiation that is made up of alpha particles.
9.What is an amino acid? an organic molecule that has both an amino group and a carboxyl group.
10.What is an atomic number? The amount of protons in an atom.
11.What is an atomic mass unit? One-twelfth the mass of a carbon-12 atom.
12.What is atomic mass? The weighed average mass of the isotopes of that element.
13.What is atmosphere? The unit that is often used to report air pressure.
14.What is an anion? An ion that has a negative charge.
What is an anode?15. In an electrochemical cell, the electrode where oxidation takes place.
16.What is a barometer? An instrument that is used to measure atmospheric pressure.
17.What is a buffer? A solution that resists changes in pH when limited amounts of acid or bases are added.
18.What is a derived unit? A unit derived by a combination of base units.
19.What is a dry cell? An electrochemical cell that contains a moist electrolytic paste inside a zinc shell.
20.What is an enzyme? A biological catalyst.
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