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Chapters 1 and 2

The origins of the majority of human existence in North America began From the southern tip of South America
The early South American civilizations of Incas, Mayas, and Aztecs all shared the following Elaborate religious and cultural systems
In the Great Plains region, most pre-Columbian societies hunted buffalo for survival
The agricultural practices of pre-Columbian tribes in the Northeast were characterized by extensive irrigation systems
Which statement best describes the role of women in pre-Columbian North American tribe? In all tribe, women cared for the children and prepared meals
In the late fifteenth century, the desire in European to look for new lands was spurred by significant population growth
In his first voyage in 1492, Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic Ocean in six weeks
Amerigo Vespucci helped popularize the idea that the Americas were new continents
In 1518, Hernando Cortes's conquest of the Aztecs was made largely due to the exposure of the Aztecs to smallpox
The first permanent Spanish settlement in what is now the United States was St. Augustine
What factor is believed to have dramatically reduced New World native populations after contact with Europeans? Disease
In Spanish colonial societies, mestizos came to make up the largest segment of the population.
African and American Indian societies tended to be matrilineal, which means people traced their heredity through their mothers.
What condition(s) in England in the sixteenth century provided incentive for colonization? The availability of farmland was declining while the population was growing
In what way were Martin Luther and John Calvin important to English Puritans? Luther and Calvin advocated ideas of religious reform that influenced Puritan thought.
At the beginning of the seventeenth century, English Puritan discontent was increased by suppression of English Catholics
Which statement about French colonization in the New World is FALSE? a. French settlers exercised an influence disproportionate to their numbers. b. The French, like the English, tried to remain separate from native people. c. The French were mor The French, like the English, tried to remain separate from native peoples.
The colony of Virginia was named in honor of Elizabeth I
True of False. Some historians have suggested that European diseases virtually exterminated many native tribes. True
Who was a native of Genoa sailing in the employ of England near the end of the fifteenth century John Cabot
Those who believed that the world's wealth was finite were called Physiocracy
England's first experience with colonization came in 1492
Seventeenth-century English colonial settlements maintained the political and social institutions of England
The "starving time" in Jamestown during the winter of 1609-1610 was partly the result of colonists being kept barricaded in their palisade by local Indians
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