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Açılım Türkçe 4

Açılım Türkçe 4 Konu 3 Eylemler

acımak to feel pain
açmak to open
affetmek to forgive.
ağlamak to cry
akmak to roll
almak to take
anlamak to understand
anlatmak to explain
aramak to search
artmak to grow
atlamak to jump
azalmak to lower
bağlamak to tie
bakmak to see, to look at
başarmak to succeed
başlamak to start
beklemek to wait
benzemek to look like
bildirmek to inform
bilmek to know
binmek to get on
bırakmak to leave
bitmek to finish
bozmak to spoil
bulmak to find
büyümek to grow, grow up
çabalamak to try
çalışmak to work
çalmak to steal
çekmek to pull
çıkmak to get out
çözmek to solve
dalmak to sink
dans etmek to dance.
değişmek to change
değiştirmek to change something
demek to say
denemek to try
devam etmek to continue.
dinlenmek to rest
doğmak to be born
dolmak to be filled
dönmek to get back
durmak to stop
düşmek to fall
düşünmek to think
duymak to feel
edilmek to be done, be made
eğlenmek to amuse, to enjoy
etmek to do, make.
evlenmek to get married
geç kalmak to get late
geçmek to pass
gelmek to come
getirmek to bring
gezmek to go about, to sightsee
girmek to enter, to go into
gitmek to go
giymek to wear
göndermek to send
görmek to see
götürmek to escort
gülmek to laugh
gütmek to herd
hareket etmek to move.
hatırlamak to remember
hoşlanmak to like
içmek to drink
ilerlemek to advance
inanmak to believe
inmek to go down
istemek to want
itmek to push
kaçmak to escape
kalkmak to wake up
kalmak to stay
karar vermek to decide
kaybetmek to lose.
kaymak to slide
kazanmak to win
kesmek to cut
kırmak to break
konuşmak to speak, to tell
kopmak to break in two
korkmak to fear
koşmak to run
koymak to put
kullanmak to use
kutlamak to celebrate
mezun olmak to graduate
nefret etmek to hate.
not etmek to keep notes.
öğrenmek to learn
öğretmek to teach
okumak to read
ölçmek to count
olmak to become
ölmek to die
oluşmak to consist of
oluşturmak to consist
öpmek to kiss
oturmak to sit
övmek to praise
oynamak to play
özlemek to miss someone
parlamak to shine
patlamak to explode
paylaşmak to be shared
resim yapmak to paint
sanmak to think
şarkı (türkü) söylemek to sing
satmak to sell
seçmek to choose
sevinmek to be glad
söylemek to say
sunmak to submit
sürmek to last
susmak to be silent
tartmak to weight
temizlemek to clean
terk etmek to evacuate.
toplamak to concentrate
tutmak to grab
unutmak to forget
utanmak to be ashamed
uyanmak to wake up
uymak to pair
uyumak to comply
üzülmek to feel sorry
varmak to arrive
vermek to give
yakalamak to arrest
yaklaşmak to come close
yapmak to do, to make
yardım etmek to help.
yaşamak to live
yatmak to lay down (to bed)
yazmak to write
yemek to eat
yenilmek to be defeated
yenmek to win
yetmek to be enough
yıkamak to wash
yürümek to walk
yüzmek to swim
Created by: Turkish
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