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Vocab Unit 8 Yellow

Browse 1. To look through or glance at casually 2. To eat (wild vegetation), to graze
Counterfeit Not genuine, fake
Devour 1. To eat up hungrily or quickly 2. To take in eagerly (as in a book, a movie, etc.)
Dishearten To shake or destroy the courage of; to discourage
Emblem A symbol or sign
Exuberant Extremely enthusiastic
Lurk To prowl or lie hidden, as though about to attack
Mellow Soft, gentle, pleasant
Pique 1. To excite to action 2. To hurt the pride of
Pluck To pull off or out; to pick
Ponder To think about; to consider carefully
Presume To take for granted; to assume or suppose
Patronize 1. To give one business as a customer regularly or to provide financial help 2. To treat someone as an inferior; to talk down to
Preview Something seen in advance
Recede To move back or to drop to a lower level
Created by: jenwalls