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General Chemistry Ch. 0.2 - Compounds

Al2O3 Aluminum oxide, binary compound
HgCl2 Mercury(II) chloride, binary compound
ZnCl2 Zinc(II) chloride, binary compound
NiF2 Nickel(II) fluoride, binary compound
Ca3N2 Calcium nitride, binary compound
Fe2S3 Iron(III) sulfide, binary compound
AgCl Silver chloride, binary compound
PbO Lead(II) oxide, binary compound
GaCl3 Gallium chloride, binary compound
Fe2O3 Iron(III) oxide, binary compound
CaO Calcium oxide, binary compound
PbI2 Lead(II) iodide, binary compound
AlF3 Aluminum fluoride, binary compound
Na2O Sodium oxide, binary compound
CrBr3 Chromium(III) bromide, binary compound
Al2S3 Aluminum , binary compound sulfide
CdS Cadmium sulfide, binary compound
CuCl2 Copper chloride, binary compound
Ni2O Nickel(I) Oxide, binary compound
TiBr4 Titanium(IV) bromide, binary compound
NO Nitrogen monoxide, covalent compound
OF2 Oxygen difluoride, covalent compound
S2O3 Disulfur trioxide, covalent compound
P2O5 Diphosphorus pentoxide, covalent compound
CCl4 Carbon tetrachloride, covalent compound
CS2 Carbon disulfide, covalent compound
XeF4 Xenon tetrafluoride, covalent compound
SbCl5 Antimony pentachloride, covalent compound
ClF3 Chlorine trifluoride, covalent compound
SiF4 Silicon tetrafluoride, covalent compound
BCl3 Boron trichloride, covalent compound
S2F10 Disulfur decafluoride, covalent compound
N2O4 Dinitrogen tetroxide, covalent compound
AsCl5 Arsenic pentachloride, covalent compound
IF7 Iodine heptafluoride, covalent compound
PCl5 Phosphorus pentachloride, covalent compound
P4O6 Tetraphosphorus hexoxide, covalent compound
XeO4 Xenon tetroxide, covalent compound
H2S Hydrogen sulfide, covalent compound
TeI4 Tellurium tetraiodide, covalent compound
HCl Hydrochloric Acid
HI Hydroiodic acid
HNO3 Nitric acid
H2SO4 Sulfuric acid
H2CO3 Carbonic acid
H3PO4 Phosphoric acid
HCH3CO2 or CH3CO2H Acetic acid
HF Hydrofluoric acid
HClO4 Perchloric acid
Na2SO4 Sodium sulfate, Polyatomic compound
AgNO3 Silver nitrate, Polyatomic compound
Ca(OH)2 Calcium hydroxide, Polyatomic compound
CdSO4 Cadmium sulfate, Polyatomic compound
(NH4)2CO3 Ammonium carbonate, Polyatomic compound
KMnO4 Potassium permanganate, Polyatomic compound
Na2SO3 Sodium sulfite, Polyatomic compound
Ca(CN)2 Calcium cyanide, Polyatomic compound
MnSO4 Manganese sulfate, Polyatomic compound
ZnSO3 Zinc sulfite, Polyatomic compound
Pb(CH3CO2)2 Lead(II) acetate, Polyatomic compound
Zn(ClO3)2 Zinc(II) chlorate, Polyatomic compound
Cu(ClO4)2 Copper(II) perchlorate, Polyatomic compound
LiHCO3 Lithium bicarbonate, Polyatomic compound
KCN Potassium cyanide, Polyatomic compound
CsClO2 Cesium chlorite, Polyatomic compound
K2CO3 Potassium carbonate, Polyatomic compound
Zn3(PO4)2 Zinc phosphate, Polyatomic compound
NaHCO3 Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Polyatomic compound
Ni3(PO4)2 Nickel(II) phosphate, Polyatomic compound
CuSO4 Copper(II) sulfate, Polyatomic compound
AgSO3 Silver sulfite, Polyatomic compound
Fe(OH)3 Iron(III) hydroxide, Polyatomic compound
NH4NO2 Ammonium nitrite, Polyatomic compound
NH4NO3 Ammonium nitrate, Polyatomic compound
Ba(OH)2 Barium hydroxide, Polyatomic compound
CrOH Chromium(I) hydroxide, Polyatomic compound
Ag3PO4 Silver phosphate, Polyatomic compound
Ag3PO3 Silver phosphite, Polyatomic compound
LiCH3CO2 Lithium acetate, Polyatomic compound
Pb(CH3CO2)4 Lead(IV) acetate, Polyatomic compound
Mn(ClO4)2 Manganese perchlorate, Polyatomic compound
HBr Hydrobromic acid
NaOH Sodium hydroxide
KOH Potassium hydroxide
Sr(OH)2 Strontium hydroxide
Ba(OH)2 Barium hydroxide
NH3 Ammonia
Baking soda Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3)
Vinegar Acetic acid (CH3COOH)
NH4+ Ammonium ion
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