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Chemistry Vocab #9

chem vocab #201-225

Hydride A compound of hydrogen and at least one other element of lower electronegativity.
Hydrocarbon A compound of hydrogen and carbon.
Hydrogen, Aromatic A hydrocarbon which has alternating single and double covalent bonds in six-membered carbon rings.
Hydrogen Bond A weak chemical bond between a hydrogen atom in one polar molecule and the electronegative atom in a second polar molecule of the same substance.
Hydrogenation The addition of hydrogen to a material.
Hydrolysis An acid-base reaction between water and an ion of a dissolved salt.
Hydrolysis, Anion Reaction in which a negatively charged ion base accepts a proton from a water molecule, increasing the OH- ion concentration of the solution.
Hydrolysis, Cation Reaction in which a positively charged ion acid donates a proton to a water molecule, increasing the H^3O^+ ion concentration of the solution.
Hydronium Ion A hydrated proton of the H^3O^+ ion.
Hydrosol A suspensoid in which water is the dispersing medium.
Hydrous Oxide A hydrated metal oxide.
Hygroscopic Absorbing and retaining moisture from the atmosphere.
Hypothesis A possible or tentative explanation.
Ice Point 0 degrees Celsius.
Immiscible Not capable of being mixed.
Indicator A substance which changes in color on the passage from acidity to alkalinity, or the reverse.
Inertia Resistance of matter to change in position or motion.
Ingot A molded block of metal.
Inhibitor A substance which hinders catalytic action.
Inorganic Pertaining to material which are not hydrocarbons or their derivatives.
Insoluble Not capable of being dissolved.
Internal Phase The dispersed particles of a colloidal suspension.
Ion An atom or group of atoms with an unbalanced electrostatic charge.
Ion-Exchange Resin A reaction which can exchange hydronium ions for positive ions; and exchange hydroxide ions for negative ions.
Ion, Spectator An ion in a reaction system which takes no part in the chemical action.
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