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Ven conmigo

chapter 6

abuelo/a grandpa-ma
esposo/a wife, spouse
hermanastra stepsister
hijo/a son/daughter
madrastra stepmohter
mi/mis my
nuestro our
padrasto stepfather
padres parents
primo/a cousin
su/sus his her their
tio/a uncle/aunt
carinoso/a affectionate
delgado thin
listo/a clever/smart
mayor older
menor younger
negro black
los ojos eyes
peirrojo/a redheaded
pelo hair
tiene canas has gray hair
tiene ojos verdes has green eyes
travieso mischievous
viejo old
algo something
casi siempre almost always
cenar to eat dinner
hacer un viaje to take a trip
que' hacen ustedes what do you do
salir to go out
visitar to visit
cortar el ce'sped to mow the lawn
cuidar al gato to take car of the cat
dever should out to
debes you should
demasiado too much
dice que he says that
hacer la cama make the bed
limpiar la cocina to clean the kitchen
pasar la aspiradora vacoum
Que' devo hacer? what should I do
los quehaceres household chores
la sala living room
trabajar en el jardin work in the garden
Created by: Cromieman