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list 1- 20

Review List

multi many
foli leaf
narco sleep
gymno naked
vermi worm
hemi half
lachry tear
strat layer
hibern winter
opthal eye
sat enough
ichthy fish
cirr hair
kilo thousand
protero early
let little
ideo idea
cardio heart
baro pressure
cyclo circle
sept seven
less without
lingu tongue
hist tissue
ovi egg
atom vapor
mela black
lign wood
ign fire
dendr tree
moll soft
pneumo lung
ven come
grav heavy
tachy quick
sol sun
cumu heaped
rub red
fiss split
gno know
pico trillionth
cranio skull
counter against
nano billionth
cosmo world/universe
ferro iron
monger seller
liter letter
via road
mot move
par equal
labor work
mem remember
phyt plant
vac empty
infra beneath
form shape
pod foot
frat brother
zygo yoke
troph nourishment
sapro rotten
taxis arrangement
dactyl finger
vor eat
para beside or near
ium element
ventri belly
holo whole
chlor green
enter intestine
fil thread
apo away
andro man
rogat ask
soci society
phor carry
chrom color
phyll leaf
meso middle
glyc sweet
phag eat
som body
trich hair
erg work
sta stop
dom rul
val worth
schizo divide
dextro right or clockwise
opia sight
brachio arm
macro large
ef out
ab away
idio peculiar
bon good
pro forward
reg king
parl speak
geo earth
scope look
sur over
contra against
helio sun
stell star
cogn know
thermo heat
chron time
mega large
tion act or state
pater father
corp body
morph shape
nov new
poly many
spec look
hypo under
pseudo false
pend hang
hydro water
neo new
inter between
intro into
sym together
dis away
mal bad
intra within
miss send
dict say
homo same
tomy cut
vid look
neuro nerve
micro small
ject throw
phobia fear
bene good
ortho straight
punct point
sang blood
put think
amat love
hyper over
ism doctrine
son sound
aster star
demo people
dec ten
dyna power
sacro holy
vert turn
paleo old
nat born
fug flee
mort death
curs run
ate cause
tract pull
in not
caco bad
fin end
ultra beyond
rid laugh
nym name
leg read
tact touch
voc voice
petr rock
sed sit
brev short
fus pour
zo animal
dign worthy
gamy marriage
alti high
cord heart
gen origin
ess female
carn flesh
muta change
ics art
uni oneq
theo god
nomy law
ambul walk
a not
apt fit
meta change
anim mind
rect right
mir wonder
sanct holy
oid appearance
ornith bird
cle small
osteo bone
derm skin
tempor time
mar sea
Created by: cindijoanwallace