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Math Praxis Examples

Stack #82051

Math ProblemsAnswers
5* + 15* = 5*+15*= 5*+(3*)(5*)= 5*(1+3*)
A 224-mile trip requires 6 gallons of gasoline. At this rate, how many gallons of gasoline would be required for a 168-mile trip? 224miles/6 gallons = 168miles/ g gallons. Solving the proportion gives g=6 x 168/224 = 4.5 gallons
Which of the following defines y as a function of x? (A) x - y*=4, (B) x* + y* = 4, or (C) y=x +1 There is only one value of y that corresponds to any given value of x. The answer is (C) y = x + 1
If a and b are integers, then all of the following must be true EXCEPT (A) [a] = [b], (B) [ab] = [a] [b], (C) [ab] =<a^2 b^2>, (D) [a +b]=[a] + [b] Choice (D) is not alsways true because the equality fails when the signs of a and b are opposite. [a] + [b] = [10]+[-8] = 10+8 = 18
A certain recipe calls for 1/4 cup of white sugar, 1/2 cup of brown cusgar, 2 1/4 cups of flour, 1/4 teaspoon of salt. and 2 tablespoons of cornstartch. The amount of cornstarch called for is approximately what fraction of the total amount of sugar? The sugar is given in cups and the cornstarch is given in tablespoons(T). The total amount of sugar is 3/4 cup (add white & brown sugar). Using the conservation table, 2T = 1/8 cup. Comparing 1/8 to 3/4 is the same as comparing 1/8 to 6/8 = 1/6
2(x-2)(3x-5) = 2(x-2)(3x-5)= 2(3x^2 - 6x - 5x +10)= 6x^2 -22 +20
Jane withdrew half of the money from her savings. She later withdrew an additional $5.00, leaving $12.75 balance. If no other transactions were performed, how much money was in Jane's account originally? Notice that the balance of $12.75 + $5 = $17.75, which is half of Jane's original savings. Thus, Jane originally had $35.50 in her account.
Step 1 has 1 dot, Step 2 has 3 dots, Step 3 has 6 dots. If the pattern continues indefinitely, what expression could be used to find the number of dots in step n? Fom the figure, you can see that 2 dots are added at step 2 and 3 dots are added in step 3. Multiply the step number by the step number plus 1 and divide by 2. Algebraically, n(n+1)/2 = n^2 +n/ 2
What is the negation of the following statement "All p is q"? When "All p is q" it also means "Some p is q", and this statement you need to negate. This is easlily done by saying, "Some p is not q". It often helps to draw a Venn diagram when solving logic problems that are not too complicated.
If 1/(1 - 3/7) < 1/(1 - x) < 1/(1 - 3/4), then x could equal which of the following? I. 1/2, II. 3/5, III. 5/9 The answer is I and III. Look at notes for comparison
The original price of a ceratin car was 25% greater than its cost to the dealer. The actual selling price was 25% less than the original price. If c is the cost of the car and p is the selling price, which of the following represents p in terms of c? The original price of the car was c + 0.25c = 1.25c. The selling price was p= 1.25c - 0.25(1.25c) = 1.25c(1- 0.25), which is = (1.25c)(0.75)
The point with coordinates (-4,t) lies on the line m in the xy-plane. The other coordinates that lie on line m are (6,0) and (0,3)? Line m has a slope of -1/2 since 3-0/0-6 = 3/ -6 = -1/2. By inspecting the graph you can see that its y-intercept is 3. The equation of the line m can be written as y = -1/2x + 3. The value of t when x = -4 is 5.
In the equation 32 base 4 = x base 2, the subscript of each number identifies the base in which the number is expressed, What is the value of x? In base 4, the number 32 is equal to 3 x 4^1 + 2 x 4^0, which is 14 (in base 10); and in base 2, the number "14" can be expressed as 14= 8+4+2+0= 1x2^3 + 1x2^2 + 1x2^1 + 0x2^0, which yeilds 1110. Therefore, x = 1110.
According to a survey of 100 students, 73 of the students took a math course and 57 took a music course. Of those surveyed, 22 reportedly took a math course but not a music course. How many students took neither a music course nor a math course? Use a Venn diagram. The entire rectangle region represents the 100 students. The region of the rectangle that is outside the circles represents the # of students who took neither course. 100 - (22+51+6) = 21
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