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Powerpoint Project 2

In the Outline tab, PowerPoint creates a presentation as you type the outline, by evaluating the outline structure and displaying a miniature view of the current slide
Regardless of how you build a presentation, PowerPoint automatically creates the normal view, slide show view, and slide sorter view
An outline is a summary of thoughts, presented as headings and subheadings
PowerPoint can produce slides from an outline created in Microsoft Word, if the outline is saved as a(n) RTF file or plain text file
The Outline tab enables a user to view title and body text, drag and drop slide text and add and delete slides
When you add a new slide in normal view, PowerPoint defaults to a Text slide layout with a bulleted list
One way to add a new slide on the Outline tab is to put a paragraph on the first level by clicking the _____ on the Outlining toolbar until the paragraph is displayed at the first level. Promote button
A slide icon displays when an insertion point or paragraph reaches the first level
The 7 x 7 rule recommends that each line should have a maximum of seven words, and each slide should have a maximum of _____ lines. seven
It is easy and efficient to type the text for slides on the Outline tab, because you can view _____ in the outline in the tabs pane to check organization. all the text you type
Professional speakers design the closing slide of a presentation using a memorable illustration or example to make a point, an appeal to the emotions, a summary of the main point of the presentation
It is wise to save a presentation frequently
Slide layouts have _____ arranged in various configurations for containing text or visual content. placeholders
PowerPoint lets a user put _____ in placeholders. charts, clip art, tables
Using slide layouts eliminates the need to resize objects and adjust the font size, because PowerPoint automatically sizes the objects and text to fit in the layout
Clip art images have one or more _____, associated with the entities, activities, labels, and emotions displayed in the image, which help a user locate the desired clip. keywords
Clips from the Microsoft Web site will display automatically as a result of a clip art search if you have an open connection to the Internet
PowerPoint will provide a placeholder for two clips displayed vertically on the left side of the slide if you select the _____ slide layout. Title, 2 Content and Text
PowerPoint can import picture files saved in many different formats; many can be imported directly, but some require separate filters that are shipped with the PowerPoint software
A printout of the presentation _____ often is used as an audience handout. outline
A header or a footer may contain the presenter’s name, the slide or page number, the current date and time
PowerPoint groups its preset animation schemes into three categories: Subtle, Moderate, and Exciting
_____ is used to look at a presentation one slide at a time, to see the preset and custom animation schemes in action. Slide show view
Created by: kbellamy24