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ND 8 Algebra Midterm

Vocab for ND Beth 8th Grade Algebra Midterm

a symbol used to represent 1 or more numbers in a mathematical expression or equation variable
a mathematical expression containing one or more variables variable expression
a mathematical expression containing only numerals (no variables) numerical expression
combine like terms, perform operations, etc. to reach simplest form simplify an expression
replace variable(s) with given value(s) and simplify evaluate an expression
formed by placing an equals sign between two numerical or variable expressions equation
equations or inequalities containing variables open sentence
the given set of numbers the variable may represent domain of a variable
a value of a variable that converts an open sentence into a true statement solution
a solution of the sentence root of an equation
find the solution set of an open sentence over a given domain solve and equation
the zero point on a number line, the zero point of the intersecting axes in a number plane origin
a number paired with a point on the positive side of a number line positive integer
a number paired with a point on the negative song of a number line negative integer
the numbers in the set {...-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3...} integers
the set made up of the positive integers and zero {0, 1, 2, 3...} whole numbers
the point on a number line paired with a number graph of a number
the number paired with a point on the number line coordinate
the number that when added to the given number, equals zero opposite
the distance between the different number and the origin absolute value
the number that when added to the given number, equals zero (*opposite) additive inverse
a number that tells how many times to use the base as a factor exponent
one of the equal factors. In b^n, it is b. base
exponential expressions such as 3^2 and 3^4 are these of 3. power
an expression that is either a numeral, a variable, or a product of a numeral and one or more variables monomial
a polynomial of two terms binomial
a polynomial of three terms trinomial
a sum of monomials polynomial
a numerical term with no variable expression constant
terms that are exactly alike or that differ only in their numerical coefficients similar terms (like terms)
the number of times that a variable occurs as a factor in a monomial is the degree of the monomial in that variable. The sum of the degrees in each of the variables is the degree of the monomial. A non-zero constant has a degree of 0. Zero has no degree. degree of a monomial
the greatest of the degrees of its terms after it has been simplified degree of a polynomial
a term used to describe motion of an object when it moves without changing its speed or rate (distance=rate x time)(d=rt) uniform motion
Created by: hunoni