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World Cultures vocab

Geography The study of where people and things are located and how they relate to each other.
Location Is a position on the Earth's surface.
Latitude Distance North or South of the equator
Longitude Distance East or Wes of the Prim Meridian
Exports Goods sent to markets outside of the country
Interdependence Mutual dependence of countries on good, resources, and knowledge from other parts of the world.
imports Goods brought into a country
Map Projection Way of showing the curved Earth on a flat surface
Topography The arrangement of the natural and artificial physical features of an area
Vegetation Plant life of a place or region
Elevation Is height above sea level.
Plains A large area of lever or gently rolling land.
Plateaus Large area of high flat or gently rolling land.
climate Average weather of a place over a period of 20 to 30 years.
Equator An imaginary line drawn around the Earth equally distant from both poles dividing the Earth into northern and southern hemispheres and constituting the parallel of latitude 0.
Prime Meridian The 0 meridian from which the other meridians or lines of longitute are calculated.
Mount Kilimanjaro The tallest point in Africa
Escapements Steep cliffs
Cataracts Large waterfalls
Great Rift Valley Large fault on the eastern part of Africa
Hydroelectric Power Produced by moving water
Nile River The longest river in Africa
Congo River This river carries and enormous volume and flows through the rainforest
Niger River This river is the third longest in Africa, and starts in the West African nations of Sierra Leone and Guinea
Zambezi river This river in Southern Africa includes Victoria Falls
Mineral Exports Diamonds are one example from exports of Africa
The taureg Nomadic people of the Sahara desert
Lake Victoria The second largest freshwater water body in the world. Is in Africa.
Sahara Desert Covers 25% of Africa's surface.
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