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táaksii taxi
min fáDl-ak / min fáDl-ik please
ná:am yes
miSbáaH lamp
tafáDDal here you are, welcome
shúkran thank you
shay tea
wa- and
laa no
bi- with
súkkar sugar
bi-dúun without
bi-kam háadha? how much is this?
thaláathah junayháat three pounds
síHrii magic
bayt, buyúut house(s)
wálad, awláad boy(s)
kitáab, kútub book(s)
jamíil / jamíilah beautiful
háram pyramid
sandawíitsh sandwich
tilifúun telephone
TamáaTim tomato
síinima cinema
bíirah beer
bárgar burger
ráadyo radio
wáasi spacious
as-saláamu :aláy-kum peace be upon you
wa-:aláy-kum as-saláam reply to 'peace be upon you'
kayfa Háal-ak? / kayfa Háal-ik? How are you?
bi-khayr well
áhlan wa-sáhlan welcome
áhlan bi-k / áhlan bi-ki reply to 'wecome'
SabáaH al-kháyr good morning
SabáaH an-núur reply to 'good morning'
masáa' al-kháyr good afterning / evening
masáa' an-núur reply to 'good afterning / evening'
Created by: rj2nvn4