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100 Words for M.S.

100 Words Every Middle Schooler Should Know by Am Heritage Dictionaries

Adversary an opponent or enemy.
Aplomb self-confidence; especially in a difficult situation; assurance
Apprehensive anxious or fearful, uneasy.
Aptitude the ability to learn or understand something quickly.
Attentive 1. Giving attention to something. 2. Paying careful attention to the comfort or concerns of others; considerate.
Banish to force to leave a country or place; exile.
Barricade - noun: 1. A usually temporary structure set up, as across a route of access, to block the passage of an enemy or opponent. 2. Something that serves as an obstacle; a barrier.
Barricade - verb: 1. To block an opening or passage with an obstacle or a barrier. 2. To enclose or exclude someone by constructing a barricade.
Bluff to engage in a false display of strength or confidence, especially in order to deceive someone.
Brackish slightly salty.
Brandish to wave or exhibit something in a dramatic or threatening way.
Circumference the boundary of an area, an object, or a geometric figure, especially a circle.
Commotion noisy activity or confusion.
Concoction something that has been prepared by putting several things together; a mixture of ingredients.
Conspicuous 1. Easily seen; obvious. 2. Attracting attention; striking; remarkable.
Contortion a sharp twist or bend in something.
Counter to do or say something in opposition to something else.
Cunning sly, crafty, or clever.
Debris the scattered remains of something broken, destroyed, or discarded; rubble or wreckage.
Defiance the act of defying; open resistance to an opposing force or authority.
Deft quick and skillful; adroit.
Destination the place to which a person or thing is going or is sent.
Diminish to make or become smaller of less; reduce or decrease.
Disdain – noun: A feeling that someone or something is bad, worthless, or low; scorn or contempt.
Disdain – verb: To have or show this feeling about someone or something.
Dismal 1. Causing gloom or depression; dreary. 2. Feeling gloomy; depressed; miserable.
Dispel to cause to disappear; drive away; disperse.
Eavesdrop to listen secretly to the private conversation of others.
Egregious well beyond the bounds of what is right of proper; outrageous.
Ember a glowing piece of burning wood or coal.
Emerge to become visible or known.
Engross to occupy the complete attention of someone; absorb.
Exasperation a state of anger, impatience, or great irritation.
Exhilarate to cause someone to feel very happy; elate.
Falter to proceed or continue in an unsteady or weakening manner.
Foresight the ability to imagine what is likely to happen in the future.
Fragrance a sweet or pleasant odor; a scent.
Furtive 1. Done or acting in a way that is intended not be noticed; sneaky. 2. Giving the appearance of not wanting to be noticed, especially in showing nervousness.
Grueling physically or mentally exhausting.
Gusto great enjoyment; zest.
Habitation a place in which to live; a residence.
Hasten 1. To move or act swiftly; hurry. 2. To cause something to happen more quickly than it would otherwise.
Havoc very great destruction or disorder.
Headway progress toward a destination or a goal.
Ignite 1. To cause something to start burning. 2. To begin to burn; catch fire.
Illuminate to provide with light or cast light on someone or something.
Impending about to occur.
Imperious arrogant; overbearing; domineering.
Jabber to talk rapidly and in a senseless manner.
Jargon the specialized language of a trade, profession, or group of people.
Jostle to bump roughly against one another person or thing.
Jut to extend sharply outward or upward; project.
Kindle 1. To build and start a fire. 2. To arouse or excite a feeling.
Knoll a small, rounded hill.
Luminous giving off light; shining.
Malleable capable of being shaped or formed by pressing, hammering, or another forceful action.
Materialize to appear out of nowhere.
Meander to follow a winding and turning course.
Meticulous showing great concern for details; extremely careful or precise.
Misgivings feelings of doubt or concern.
Momentum a quantity used to measure the motion of a body, equal to the product of its mass and velocity. Any change in the speed or direction of a body changes its momentum.
Monotonous dull because of being always the same.
Multitude a very large number.
Muster 1. To bring a group of soldiers together; assemble. 2. To bring forth a feeling or ability from within oneself.
Narrate 1. To tell a story or describe a series of events. 2. To provide or read the spoken comments for a documentary or other video.
Obscure 1. Difficult to understand; vague. 2. Not widely known about.
Ominous being a sign of trouble, danger, or disaster; threatening.
Outlandish unconventional; strange.
Persistent 1. Refusing to give up or stop; continuing despite difficulties. 2. Repeating or continuing without stopping.
Potential the ability to grow, develop, or improve.
Precipice a very steep or overhanging mass of rock, such as the face of a cliff.
Pristine remaining in a pure or unspoiled state.
Quell to cause a feeling to become less intense; calm or settle.
Recluse a person who lives alone or has little to do with other people.
Recuperate to return to normal health or strength; recover.
Replenish to build up a supply of something again; fill again.
Repugnant causing disgust; offensive or repulsive.
Restitution the act of doing something or paying money to make up for some damage, loss, or injury that you have caused.
Sabotage a deliberate and usually secret act that causes damage or hinders an activity.
Scarcity an insufficient amount or supply; a shortage.
Scurry to move with light running steps; scamper.
Serenity the quality of being calm, peaceful, or untroubled.
Sociable enjoying the company of others; friendly.
Somber very serious or sad.
Specimen something that is studied by scientists as an example of an entire set of things, such as an entire species of living things.
Stamina the power to resist fatigue or illness while working hard; endurance.
Subside to become less active, intense, or agitated; abate.
Swagger to walk in a way that makes it look as if you think you are important or very confident; strut.
Swarm a large number of insects or other small creatures, especially when in motion.
Tactic an action that is planned to achieve a goal.
Terse brief and to the point; concise.
Translucent allowing light to pass through, but blurring it so that images cannot be seen clearly.
Uncanny 1. Arousing wonder and fear, as if supernatural; eerie. 2. Mysterious or impossible to explain; strangely out of the ordinary.
Unsightly not pleasant to look at; unattractive.
Versatile having varied uses or functions.
Vigilant watching out for danger or something that might go wrong; watchful.
Vulnerable capable of being harmed, damaged, or injured.
Waft to float easily and gently on the air; drift.
Waver 1. To move unsteadily back and forth. 2. To hesitate or be unable to make a decision; vacillate.
Weather to wear away or change, as in color or surface texture, by exposure to the wind, rain, and other conditions of the atmosphere.
Zeal great enthusiasm for or devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal.
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