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CRESAR 2012 T or F

True or False trivia questions

An unregistered mortgage is binding only to the mortgagor and mortgagee True
Patrimonial property of the state is property owned by the state in its private capacity True
In a judicial foreclosure of mortgagee the mortgagor has the right of redemption False
In interstate succession, the estateof the deceased person is divided among heirs in accordance with the last will he has executed False
Market Value refers to the most reasonable price of land and shelter based on the needs and financial capability of the UDHP beneficiaries and appropriate financing scheme True
A province or city is legally barred from levying an annual ad valorem tax on machinery or equipment for environmental True
A Registry of Property is a list of all property located within the territorial jurisdiction of the local government unit concerned, prepared and maintain by the provincial/city/municipal assessor False (DOJ)
An undivided real property may be listed valued and assessed in the name of one or more co-owners True
Philip Cano, son of Filipino migrants in California, acquired American citizenship by virtue of his being born in the USA. As such, his right to acquire real properties in the Philippines is restricted by prevailing laws on ownership by alien. True
A real property auctioned by a local government unit in order to satisfy tax delinquency of its owner may be redeemed in one year after the registration of the certificate of sale False (right of redemption)
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