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Verbes forts anglais

be was / were been être
beat beat beaten battre
become became become devenir
begin began begun commencer
bite bit bitten mordre
bleed bled bled saigner
blow blew blown souffler
break broke broken casser
bring brought brought apporter
broadcast broadcast broadcast diffuser
build built built construire
burn burnt / burned burnt / burned brûler
buy bought bought acheter
catch caught caught attraper saisir
come came come venir
choose chose chosen choisir
Cost cost cost coûter
come came come venir
Deal dealt dealt être dans le commerce de . Vendre drogue. Distribuer cartes.
cost cost cost coûter
Dig dug dug bêcher
cut cut cut couper
Draw drew drawn dessiner
dream dreamt / dreamed dreamt / dreamed rêver
drink drank drunk boire
drive drove driven conduire
eat ate eaten manger
fall fell fallen tomber
feed fed fed (se) nourrir
feel felt felt (se) sentir
fight fought fought se batter
find found found trouver
fly flew flown voler (dans l’air)
forbid forbade forbidden interdire
forget forgot forgotten oublier
forgive forgave forgiven pardonner
freeze froze frozen geler
get got got trouver
give gave given donner
go went gone aller
grow grew grown 1 : pousser (une plante
hang hung hung suspendre
have had had avoir
hear heard heard entendre
hide hid hidden (se) cacher
hit hit hit frapper
hold held held tenir
hurt hurt hurt (se) blesser
keep kept kept garder
kneel knelt knelt se mettre à genoux
know knew known savoir
lay laid laid poser
lean leant / leaned leant / leaned pencher
lead led led conduire mener
learn learned / learnt learned / learnt apprendre
leave left left laisser
lend lent lent prêter
let let let permettre
lie lay lain être couché
light lit lit allumer
lose lost lost perdre
make made made faire (produire
mean meant meant signifier
meet met met (se) rencontrer
mow mowed mown / mowed tondre le gazon
pay paid paid payer
put put put mettre
read read read lire
ride rode ridden aller à cheval
ring rang rung sonner (cloche)
rise rose risen se lever (le soleil
run ran run courir
say (sth to sb) said said dire
see saw seen voir
sell sold sold vendre
send sent sent envoyer
set set set régler (horloge)
sew sewed sewn / sewed coudre
shake shook shaken secouer
shine shone shone briller
shoot shot shot tirer (fusil)
show showed showed / shown montrer
shut shut shut fermer
sing sang sung chanter
sink sank sunk couler
sit sat sat être assis
sleep slept slept dormir
smell smelt smelt sentir (odeur)
speak spoke spoken parler
speed sped (speeded) sped (speeded) aller à toute vitesse
spell spelt (spelled) spelt (spelled) épeler
spend spent spent dépenser (de l’argent)
spit spat spat cracher
spoil spoilt (spoiled) spoilt (spoiled) gâter
spread spread spread étaler
stand stood stood se tenir debout
steal stole stolen voler (de l’argent)
stick stuck stuck planter (un couteau)
sting stung stung piquer
stink stank (stunk) stunk puer
swear swore sworn jurer
sweep swept swept balayer
swim swam swum nager
swing swung swung (se) balancer
take took taken prendre
teach taught taught enseigner
tear tore torn déchirer
tell (sb) told told dire
think thought thought penser
throw threw thrown lancer
understand understood understood comprendre
wake woke woken réveiller
wear wore worn porter (habit)
weep wept wept pleurer
win won won gagner (prix)
wind wound wound enrouler
write wrote written écrire
Do did done Faire
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