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CS 101 CHPT 02

Variables, Expressions and Statements

A number or string that can be stored in a variable or computed in an expression. Value
A set of values, Example: Integer, Floating-Point, or String. Type
A format for representing numbers with fractional parts, commonly have decimals. Floating-Point
A name that refers to a value is called a? Variable
A section of code that represents a command or action. (Assignments and Print) Statement
A statement that assigns a value to a variable. Assignment
A graphical representation of a set of variables and the values to which they refer. State Diagram
There are twenty-nine words that are reserved by the compiler to parse a program, these are? Keyword
A special symbol that represents a simple computation like addition, multiplication, or string concatenation. Operator
One of the values on which an operator operates. Operand
A combination of variables, operators, and values that represent a single result value. Expression
To simplify an expression by performing the operations in order to yield a single value. Evaluate
An operation that divides one integer by another and yields an integer. Integer Division
The set of rules governing the order in which expressions involving multiple operators and operands are evaluated. Rules of Precedence
To join two operands end-to-end is called? Concatenate
The ability to combine simple expressions and statements into compound statements and expressions to represent complex computations concisely is called? Composition
Information in a program that is meant for other programmers or anyone reading the source code, that has no effect on the execution of the program. Comment
A _________ is an instruction that the interpreter can execute. Statement
The multiplication (*) operator works on strings and performs what? Repetition
Elements of a program consist of what? Variables, Expressions, and Statements (in isolation)
Comments are marked with what symbol? #
Created by: r.bisek