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Shaske Consumer Math

Tabb Consumer Math

Rename 5% as a decimal. 0.05
Rename 20% as a decimal 0.2
Lucy bought a computer priced at $775.80. Sales tax on the computer is 5%. How much is the sales tax on the computer? $38.79
Emmett bought a CD at 20% off that originally cost $17.75. What was the sale price of the CD? $14.20
Kendra has $1,200 in her savings account. She receives 1.75% annual simple interest. If she makes no further deposits or withdrawls, how much money will she have in the account after 2 years? $1,242
Lance deposited x dollars into a bank account that earns 5% interest each year. At the end of the first year, Lance earned $32.50 in interest. How much did Lance deposit? Hint - I=prt 32.50=x(0.05)(1) Multiply out and solve for x $650 into his account
A computer game that originally cost $40 is on sale for $28. What is the discount as a percent? USE A PROPORTION! 30%
Morris treated his friends to lunch, which cost him #32.60. He left a 15% tip for the server. How much money did he leave as a tip? $4.89
In the mayor election, 56% of the votes went to the current mayor. There was a total of 825 votes. How many votes did the mayor get? USE A PROPORTION 462 votes
Manny deposited $800 in a savings account that pays 2.5% annual simple interest. After 9 months, how much money will be in Manny's savings? Hint - remember that you need to turn 9 months out of 12 into a decimal. 9 divided by 12 is 0.75. $815.00
Patti bought a pair of pants that normally cost 40$ for a sale price of 24%. What was the percent of discount? 60%
In 2006, the population of the United States was over 299,000,000. Write this in scientific notion! 2.99 x 10 to the 8th power
Created by: lkps