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Algebra EOC

review for Algebra EOC

Find the greatest common factor of 18x^2+12x-42 6
Simplify 3^4 81
Expand (x+7)(3-x) -x^2+10x+21
If we define the line that describes the amount of cookie Rosa baked for her shop by the ordered pairs (1,200)(7,2600) 400
What does the slope of the line describing cookie numbers show? the number of additional cookies baked each time
Simplify (4x^2+8x+5) + (10x^2+3x-7) 40x^2+11x-2
Factor 10x^2+35x completely 5x(2x+7)
What is the domain of the function q=6t for the quantity q of songs Jamie listens to during the time t she spends listening. 0 to the total time she can spend listening to songs
What is the range of the function q=6t? 0 to 6t for t = the total time she spends listening to music
Simplify (4x^2y^4z^8+12xy^2z^5)+(22x^8y^3z^4-6xy^2z^5)/(2xy^2z^3) 2xy^2z^5+3z^2+11x^7yz
11+6x5-48/4+3 32
If ocean waves break along the beach and average of once every 20 seconds, write and solve an equation to find the total number of waves that break along the beach each day. 4320
If Ms. Avery plants potatoes in rows 6 feet apart, how many rows does she have in a field with its outermost rows 360 feet apart? 60
solve |y|=square root of 16 + or - 4
Nancy is covering a square floor with square tiles that measure 1 foot on each side. The room is w feet wide. How many tiles does Nancy need? w^2
49-x^2 (x+7)(-x+7)
What equation describes y in terms of x for the number of bacteria per the amount of time? time: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 bacteria:5 9 14 30 41 54 y=5+x^2
Created by: averyal