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Sem 1 Exam Review

7th Grade - Walker MS

The weather forecast in Boston last night was for the temperature to drop 3°F each hour. If the temperature was 7°F at 8:00pm, what was the temperature at midnight? - 5°F
Monique has $342 in her saving account at the Riverview Savings Bank. She withdraws $12 per week for 5 weeks. What is Monique’s balance at the end of 5 weeks? $282
The temperature in Grantham, New Hampshire at 2:30pm was 35°F. By 11:30pm, the temperature was -18°F. What was the change in temperature? -53°F
What expression does NOT equal -7: 2 - (-5) or -2 - 5 ? 2 - (-5)
What is the value of the expression | -3 |? 3
Jesse’s mom had a balance of -45 dollars in her checking account. She had overdrawn the account. The bank charged her account a 30 dollar overdraft fee. After Jesse’s mom made a deposit the account balance was 120 dollars. How much money did she deposit? $195
The Martins had to have a plumber come to fix their kitchen sink. The plumber charged $75.00 per hour for work and an additional service call fee of $50.00. How much was the Martin’s bill, if the plumber worked for 1 ½ hours? $162.50
Miranda is on her middle school basketball team. She scored 12 points in the first game and P points in the second game. She scored a total of 25 point in both games. Write and solve an equation to find the number of points Miranda scores. 12 + P = 25; 13
Evaluate for x: ½ x + 6 = 11 10
Which steps would solve 5 – x = –3? Subtract 5 from both sides of the equation, then divide both sides of the equation by -1.
Which steps would solve 1/5x + 2 = 17? Subtract 2 from both sides of the equation, then multiply both sides of the equation by 1/5.
Gred paid $21.00 at the bowling alley for an afternoon of bowling. He paid $7.50 for shoe rental and $2.25 per game bowled. How many games did Greg bowl? 6
What is another way to express the following equation? -2(3 - x) + 2x = 8 4x - 6 = 8
What is the value of the expression 12 - 3^2 + 1? 4
Which is equivalent to 1 = 9x -(3x-8)? 1 = 6x + 8
Write 7/9 as a decimal. 0.7
Which of the following is equivalent to 0.875? 7/8
Maria bought 1/4 pound of ham and 5/8 pound of turkey. How much more turkey than ham did she buy? 3/8
Becca's brownie recipe calls for 3 and 3/4 cups of flour. If Becca wants to make a batch of brownies that is 3/5 the amount of the standard recipe, how much flour will she need? 2 1/4
What is the solution to the equation x - 7 = 19? 26
What is the value of x in the equation 20 = 6x - 4x + 14? 3
What is the value of x in the equation 7/8x = 5/6 ? 20/21
What is the value of n in the equation -64 = -16n ? 4
What is the value of x in the equation 3/5x = -15? -25
Find the difference in simplest form: 1 and 3/4 minus 2 and 1/8 2 and 5/8
Find the quotient of 1 and 4/5 & 2 and 1/4 4/5
Jeff left 4/5 of the pumpkin pie in the refrigerator. On Saturday, he ate 1/2 of what was left of the pie. What fraction of the entire pie did he eat on Saturday? 2/5
Paola works at the Sun & Fun Clothing Store at the mall. She earns $7.25 per hour. If Paola earned $159.50 over the weekend, which equation would you use to find the number of hours she worked? 7.25h = 159.50
Evaluate: -5x^2, if x = -2 -20
Evaluate: x - (-y), if x = 5 and y = -3 2
What is the value of the expression (-1/3)^3? -1/27
What is the value of the expression 1/2 - (1/2)^3 + 2 ? 2 and 3/8
What is the value of the expression 4.5a^2 - a, if a = -2 ? 20
Which equation would you use to solve the problem, "five less than the product of 6 and a number is -23"? 6n-5 = -23
Claudia earned $750 on her money market investment over a 6 year period of time. THe interest rate during this period of time was 5%. How much money did Clausid invest in the money market from the start? $2500
A clothing store in the mall is having a sale. Everything in the store is on sale for 15% off. Julie is buying a t-shirt that has a regular price of $24.80. How much will she save buying it on sale? $3.72
What percent of 180 is 45? 25%
Last year the Wii Game System cost $249.99. This year the same system cost $199.99. What was the percent of change? 25% decrease
Mr. Perez went to his favorite restaurant for lunch. His lunch cost $15.00. What was the total of his bill if he left a 20% tip? $18.00
72 is 25% of what number? 288
Mrs. Green went to a local computer store to buy a computer that is on sale. The sales tax rate is 7% of the sales price. If Mrs. Green pays a sales tax of $87.50, what is the sales price of the computer? $1250
D'Monae and Carissa went shopping at Mod Fashion Shack. Everything in the store had a 25% discount. D'Monae found a shirt to buy which originally cost $20.00. What was the sales price? $15.00
What number is 35% of 54? 18.9
Chris found a pair of shoes at ShoeMart for $30.00. If she paid a total of $32.10 for the shoes, at the cash register, what was the sales tax rate? 7%
Musical Middle School's band is planning a trip to Miami. The scale on the map the band director posted is 1 in = 15 miles. The distance between Tampa and Miami as shown on the map is 19 in. What is the actual distance the band must travel to Miami? 285
Last year a pair of shoes sold for $45. This year the same pair of shoes sold for $60. To the nearest percent, what is the percent of change in the price of the shoes? 33% increase
An office building in downtown Tampa is 975 feet tall. Suppose a scale model of the building was made and its height was 6 and 1/2 inches tall. What is the scale of the model? 1 inch = 150 feet
Enrique has a road map that use a scale of 1 and 1/2 inches = 62 miles. If Enrique measures a distance of 3 and 3/4 inches on the map, what is the actual distance? 155
Sam drove at a constant rate of 72 miles per hour on the interstate for 6 hours and 15 minutes. How many miles did he drive? 450
A recipe for 2 and 1/2 cups of flour to make 6 cupcakes. How much flour is needed to bake 15 cupcakes? 6 and 1/4
A person at rest typically takes 720 breaths in an hour. At this rate, how many breaths does a person take in 12 minutes? 144
What is the value of x? 7.8/x = 13/20 12
Rene can text her friends at a rate of 35 words in 2 minutes. How many minutes would it take her to type a text message that was 105 words long? 6
What is the value of x? 3/8 = 24/x 64
Which of the price listed below is the best deal for the price of bananas? $1.49 for 3 pounds
James paid $1.49 for a dozen eggs. How much would it cost for eighteen eggs? $2.24
Three friends went out to dinner. Their bill was $33.50, and they plan to leave a 20% tip. How much did each person have to pay for their share of the bill, including top? $13.40
Zoe spent $10.80 for 4 smoothies. How much did she pay for one smoothie? $2.70
The following represents a direct variation or inverse variation? The faster a car travels, the less time it takes to get to its destination. Direct variation
The following represents a direct variation or inverse variation? The price of lumber if lumber cost $2.49 a foot. Inverse variation
Sara can type 306 words in 6 minute. At this rate, how many words can she type in 1 and 1/2 hours? 4590
What is the value of x in the pair of similar figures with dimensions 30 in. by 16 in. and 6.4 in. by x in.? 12"
Two rectanges are similar. One has a length of 8 inches and a width of 12 inches. What are the dimensions of the similar rectange? 28" by 42"
A man that is 6 feet tall is standing so that the tip of his shadow is 20 feet from a light pole. His shadow is 8 feet long. What is the height of the pole? 15
There are 50 students in the band. Only 28% of them remembered to return their permission slips on time. How many student returned their permissions slip on time? 14
Nelly borrows $1000 from the bank. The interest rate is 6.5% per year. How much simple interest will he pay if he takes 3 years to repay the loan? $195
What is the slope of a ramp that rises 25 feet for every horizontal change of 100 feet? 1/4
What is the slope of a hill that falls 20 feet for every horizonatal change of 50 feet? -2/5
What is the rate of change shown by the data? $15 per hour
What is the solution of the following expression? 1 and 11/12
Joe's mom walks 1.25 kilometers every day. How many days must she walk to walk a total of 20 kilometers? 16
The distance between school and homeis 4.5 miles. How many miles do you travel going to and from school in 5 days 45
On a numberline, you start at point x and then move 24 units to the right. If you stop on 13, what is the value of the startpoint, x? -11
Which is the solution to 2 - 2(3n - 3)=32? -4
Last week, Marcus had a balance of -$10 in his savings account. This week, the balance is $10. Which equation would show the change, c, in his account? -10 + c = 10
What is the value of x in the given equation? 2.5x - 2.5 = 2.5 2
Store A sells jeans for $42. Store B is having a special, with 3 pairs of $99. How much do you save per pair if you buy them at Store B? $9
An architect's blueprint of a building has dimensions of a room as being, 6 inches by 9 inches. If the actual dimensions of the rool are 18 feet by 27 feet feet, what is the scale of the blueprint? 1 in = 3 ft
Determine the constant of variation in the direct variation where x = 4, 5, 6, 7 and y = 12, 15, 18, 21 3
Frank practiced basketball on 4 different days last week for 1 and 3/4 hours each time. How many hours did he practice last week? 7
Write 11/4 as a decimal. 2.75
If the number of chores you do at home is proportionally to the amount of allowance you earn, is this statement true: If you do twice as many chores, you earn twice as much money. yes, true statement
If the number of chores you do at home is proportionally to the amount of allowance you earn, is this statement true: If you do half of your chores, you receive twice as much money. no, false statement.
Created by: Walker MS
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