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Stack #801821

The right to vote is called franchise
True or False: Only Property owners could vote in early America True
In the US today, many states may restrict voting privileges by setting residency requirements
What type of election is most likely to be restricted to voters who have registered as members of a political party? primary election
Which group are most likely to vote for the Democratic party? blue-collar workers
An off-year election is an election year when no presidential race is scheduled
Voter turnout in the US, when compared to that of most democracies is low
What is an example of an illegal campaign contribution? During an election year a private citizen gives a candidate for Congress $3,000
What does taxpayer check off do? helps equalize spending in presidential campaigns
A tax on the right to vote poll tax
The voting of people who have similar characteristics bloc voting
An official second count of election results recount
Individual voting that supports members of both parties rather than just one party split ticket voting
Addition of a candidate to the ballot by a voter write-in voting
A ballot mailed to a voter who will be out of town at voting time absentee ballot
A committee formed by a special interest group designed to give campaign funds and help to candidates the group favors PAC (Political Action Committee)
A residency requirement for voting is intended to ensure that nonresidents will be prevented from coming into a neighborhood on election day just to vote
Disfranchisement would most likely result if a citizen were found guilty of a felony
Many independent voters register as members of a party because as independents they cannot vote in closed primary elections
The secret ballot tries to guarantee that every voter’s ballot remains totally private
The most important factor influencing a typical American voter is probably occupation
Low-income, urban, minority voters would most likely support Democratic Candidates
What is not a problem created by the tendency to vote for the person and not the party it’s impossible to find candidates to run for office
In a typical general election, the percentage of Americans of voting age who can be expected to go to the polls is about 60 percent
Voting laws and regulations, other than those specified by the Constitution, are determined by state governments
The legal voting age in the United States is 18
Before 1964, some states levied a tax on the right to vote called a poll tax
What is a good description of the legal voters in the earliest national elections held in the United States? all nonslave, male, property-owning citizens
During the first presidential election, approximately what percent of the population were legal voters? less than 10 percent
In the US today, states may restrict voting privileges by setting residency requirements
The secret ballot was first developed in Australia
In america today, voters use __ to vote. paper ballots, voting machines, and/or computer punch cards
What election type is most likely to be restricted to voters who have registered as members of a political party? PRIMARY
What helps to prevent fraud in elections? Uniform ballots, numbered ballots, detachable ballots, write-in votes
A candidate who loses a close election may call for a recount
General elections in the United States are held in November of each even numbered year
The elected or appointed official who prepares election ballots, supervises elections, and watches over the ballot counting is the registrar of voters
Americans who vote for both Republican and Democratic candidates during the same election are voting a split ticket
A nonvoter fails to carry out an important responsibility of citizenship, endangers the freedom of all Americans, and weakens the political system
By far, the greatest expenditure or cost of a major election is running a campaign
Candidates for office may raise money for their campaigns by families and individual supporters, office holders and office seekers, special-interest groups, fund raising, and public financing
What Federal Agency has the responsibility to police campaign financing? FEC (Federal Election Commision)
To qualify for public campaign money, presidential candidates must raise a min of 5k in each of at least 20 different states (no single contribution can be more than $250)
Reform of campaign spending is difficult to accomplish because the well financed candidates most often win the elections and then make the laws which govern election spending
Created by: Shelby.Covert