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Science 105 IUP

Caruso is said to have made a crystal chandelier shatter with his voice. This is a demonstration of: Resonance
Thrust a magnet into a coil of wire and the coil: both of these
Your image in a plane mirror is: virtual
Sound waves cannot travel in a: vacuum
A step up transformer has a ratio of one to ten... 100W
Electromagnetic waves from lowest to highest frequency: Radio, Visible, X-ray, Gamma
If you double the frequency of a vibrating object, its period: halves
The natural frequency of an object depends on its: Shape, size, and elasticity.
A node is a position of: minimum amplitude
Most of the waves in the electromagnetic spectrum are: invisible
Like a longitudinal wave, a transverse wave has: none of the above apply
The electric power of a land that carries 2 A at 120 V is: 240 watts
Object and image for a plane mirror lie: equal distances from the mirror
Magnetic domains normally occur in: iron
A "burning glass" used to concentrate sunlight in a tiny spot is a: converging lens
A 10-ohm resistor has a 5-A current in it. What is the voltage across the resistor? More than 20 V
An object that completes 20 vibrations in 10 seconds has a frequency of: 2 hertz
A mixture of yellow and cyan pigments appear: Green
The speed of a sound wave in air depends on: The air temperature
The approximate range of human hearing is: 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz
Suppose a simple pendulum is suspended in an elevator. When the elevator is accelerating upward, the frequency of the pendulum: Decreases
Two charges separated by one meter exert 1-N forces on each other. If the charges are pushed 1/4 meter separation, the force on each charge will be: 16 N
Compared to a single lamp connected to a battery, two identical lamps connected in a series to the same battery will carry: Less current
A 100 Watt lamp glows brighter than a 25 Watt lamp. The electric resistance of the 100 Watt lamp must be: Less
A decibel is a measure of a sounds: loudness
The average speed of light is greatest in: Red glass
Color depends of what characteristic of light? Its frequency
A certain transformer doubles input voltage. If the primary coil has 10 A of current, then the current in the secondary coil is: 5 A
You wish to photograph the image of your little sister, whom is standing 2 meters from a plane mirror. Holding the camera beside her head, you should set the distance: 4 meters
The Doppler Effect is characteristic of: All of these
The main difference between a radio wave and a sound wave is their different: Modes of travel
Modern automobile headlights are connected in: Parallel
The fundamental frequency of a violin strong is 440 hertz. The frequency of its third harmonic is: None of the above
Magenta light is really a mixture of: Red and blue light
A main difference between gravitational and electric force is that electrical forces: repel or attract
Which of the following is fundamentally different from the other? Sound waves
An object that completes 100 vibrations in 5 seconds over a distance of 3 meters has a period of: None of the above
An iron nail is more strongly attracted to the: North or south pole- no difference really
A sheet of red paper will look black when illuminated with: Cyan light
The incident light ray, the reflected light ray, and the normal between them: lie in the same plane
A difference betweet electric forces and gravitational forces is that gravitational forces are not affected by: Repulsive interaction
Magnetic field lines about a current carrying wire: Circle the wire in closed loops
A floating leaf oscillates up and down two complete cycles each second as a water wave passes by. What is the waves frequency? 2 Hertz
A sound source of high frequency emits a high: None of these
Compared to its average speed in the air, the average speed of a beam of light in glass is: Less
Which of the following can be projected onto a viewing screen? A real image
Sound Travels faster in air if the air temperature is: Warm
When two lamps are connected in parallel to a battery, the electrical resistance that the battery senses is: Less than the resistance of either lamp
As a light ray enters or exits a water-air interface at an angle of 15 degrees with the normal, it: Always bends towards the normal
Created by: j.hoffman12
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