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spanish verbs

abarcar grasp
abrir open
acabar finish
aceptar accept
acercar(se) bring near (draw close)
aclarar clarify
acompanar accompany
aconsejor advise
acordar agree
acordarse remember
acostorse go to bed to sleep
adoptar adopt
adorar adore
advirtir warn
agregar aging
almorzar lunch, have lunch
amor love
anadir add , increase
anadir add
andar walk
anular annull
anunciar announce
aparacer appear
apreciar appreciate
aprendar learn, study
apretar hold on to , hold tight
aprovechar to profit
arrepientar regret/repent casi cognate
asistir attend
atracar/atrapar hold up,tie up// trap , catch
averguanzar embarress
averiguar to find out , inquire casi cognate.(verify)
avisar warn,notify
avisar call ( as in the police)
ayudar help,aid, assist
bailar dance
bajar go down (sound made when falling)
borrar erase
botar fling, cast away
buscar look
caminar, andar walk
cantar sing
casar se casados marry
cavar dig ( how do you reach a cave)
chariar chat, prattle
chistar mumble
cobrar earn , charge
cobrar earn , charge ( opuesta
coger to grasp , take hold of.
colgar hang,suspend, hang up (using coal is hanging in the balance
colocar, (se) place , ( get a job)
completar complete
componer compose, make up put together
comportar(se) behave
comprar buy
comprobar check //(probe)
concedidas granted, conceded
confiar trust
confirar,fiarse,aseguarar to trust (casi cognate(confide)
Conseguir get
conseguir get, obtain
contestar answer
conviener agree
cortar cut
creer think believe
cruzar cross
cubrir cover
cubrir cover
cumplir fulfill
dar give
deber owe, must,ought
decidir decide
decir say
declarar declare
dejar permit, allow
dejar leave, abandon (unjarred //removed from a jar
denunciar denounce
descansar rest
descansar rest (des can- not can )
describir describe
descrubrir descover
desear desire
despedir wake up
devolver return, regresar
discutir discuss
disminuar decrease
dismunuir/rebajar lower, decrease, reduce
disponer(se) arrange,lay out, dispose set (se- prepare oneself)
dudar doubt
elegir select, elect
empezar begin
emplear employ, use
empujar push
encargar entrust, charge , commission
encontar meet
encontrar find
enfrenter face (front//someone)
enganar (se) decieve ( decieve oneself)
enojar anger. to annoy
ensenar teach to point out
enternder understand
entrar enter
envior send
escoger choose
escoger choose
esconder (se) hide , hide oneself
escribir write
escuchar listen
espantar chase away
Esperar wait
estimar estimate
estudiar aprendar
evitar avoid, circumvent, keep away, obviate, shirk, by pass ( sounds like exit)
explicar explain
expresar express
faltar lacking
formar form
ganar gain,earn
ganar gain,earn, win
gastar spend , waste
gastar spend , waste
gozar, disfrutar enjoy, take pleasure in
gritar shout
gritar shout (make noise como un guitarra)
habitar inhabit
Hacer make
hallar find, come accross
hallar(se) to find ,to find oneself, to yell for help
huir flee,escape, slipaway
impedir inhibit, impede
impulsar (impulsa su butones) push
indicar indicate, to point out
insistir instist
instalar install (cagnati
invitar invite
ir go
jalar pull
lavar wash
leer read
levantar raise(something or someone)
levantarse to rise , getup
llegar arrive
llenar fill
llener fill
llevar carry away
llevar(se) take , (con - get along with someone
llorar weep cry
luchar fight, struggle, wrestle, grapple
mandar enviar, send
maravillar(se),sorprender(se) verbs of suprise(often used with the subjunctive)
marchar march
matar kill
me encanta,me enamorada, me gusto mucho, me amor like, love enjoy
mejorar improve
meter out , place, insert (something meets the other)
meter(se) put , place, insert, (get into ,go for, pile one) ( 2 things meet)
mirar look to watch
mostrar to show (reveal)
nadar swim
necesitar need
negar (se) deny (refuse)
ocultar hide,conceal
ocupar occupy
odiar hate
ofrecer offer, presentar
olvidar forget
omitir omit
ordenar order
osar dare
otorgar (otorgado) given award
pagar pay
parar (se) stop (part with something by stopping )
parar stop someone or something
partir,dejar leave
pasar pass
pedir ask request
pelear fight
pensar think
perdonar pardon
permitir permit,admit
perseguir pursue
pintar paint
placticar speak ( mx)
Podir able
portir leave
practicar practice
preguntar ask
preparar(se) appear (get ready)
preperar prepare
presentar present
prestar lend
principiar beign, start
probar (se) try,test (try on )
prohibir prohibit
pulir polish
quedar remain //be located
quejar(se) complain
quemar burn
quitar (se) take away , take off
raparar repair, mend
rechazar reject, pushback, repeal (casi -cagnato)
recibir recieve
recobrar // recuperar recovered
recoger pick up
recurrir resort to //turn to appeal
regalar give as a present
regresar return, to go back
relajar(se) relax, relax oneself
requerir require (cagnate
revisar check, review
romper break "roto"
saber know
saber//conocer know// be familiar with
sacar take out, to get
saltar jump, to leap, to hop
seguir follow, continue
senalar points out (specifically sent )
sentir(se) feel something (emotionally,physically)
seperar seperate
soler to be in the habit of (suela, solemas
soprender suprise
levantar to rise//lift
subir go up, rise , get up
subsaner rectify correct
sufrir suffer,endure
sumor add
suponer presume
telefonear telephone
temer fear,dread
teminar end
tocar play
tomar take
trabajar work
traber join
traer bring carry
tratar try
tratar(se) treat,behave,attend, process (associate)
unir unite
usar use
vaciar empty
valor worth
vender sell
viajar travel
visitar visit
vivir live
volar fly
volver(se) return (become)
zarpar sail
Created by: noahsark48
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