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MGMT 300

Chapter 12

True or False: Affirmative action actually makes good business sense in terms of cost savings, the ability to attract and retain talent, and business growth. False.
True or False: Employee turnover costs, for a typically company, amounts to more than 90 % of the employee's salaries. True
True or False: The THREE different methods for paradigms for managing diversity are the discrimination and fairness paradigm, the access and legitimacy paradigm, and the learning and effectiveness paradigm. True.
True or False: The glass ceiling is the so-called invisible barrier that prevents women and minorities from advancing to the top jobs in organization. True.
True or False: If managed properly, the shift from surface- to deep-level diversity can result in reduced prejudice and conflict as well as lead to stronger social integration. True.
Which of the Big Five personality measures has the greatest impact on behavior in organizations? conscientiousness
To help companies reduce age discrimination, their managers can ____ ensure that younger and older workers interact with each other.
The Finnish government is working to change the perception of older workers and encourage Finnish companies to abandon mandatory retirement plans. What kind of surface level diversity is the Finnish gov't hoping to achieve? age
According to text, ____ typically amount to more than 90 % of employees' salaries. turnover costs.
Conscientiousness is _______ the degree to which someone is organized, hardworking, responsible, and achievement-oriented.
What diversity practices is a special kind of mentoring? diversity pairing.
True or False: The two basic types of diversity training are cultural training and attitude based diversity training. False.
When the world's biggest manufacturer of locks looked at its employee composition, it discovered that its workers were either over 50 or under 30 because the company had done little hiring during the 1980's and 1990's. _ was need for respect social integration
The term _____ refers to the degree to which someone is organized, hard-working, responsible, persevering, thorough, and achievement oriented. Conscientiousness
____ within P&G's management has led the company to realize that Hispanic consumers "are more likely to support a company or brand that is active in their community" diversity
Companies in several industries are now waking up to the market needs of gays and lesbians. Through diversity programs, organizations are actively recruiting and hiring gays and lesbians to _____ promote business growth
A(n) _ is a formal assessment that measures employee and management attitudes, investigates the extent to which people are advantaged or disadvantaged with respect to hiring and promotions, and reviews companies' diversity related policies and procedures. diversity audit.
True or False: In diversity pairing, people of different cultural backgrounds are paired together for mentoring. True.
The glass ceiling is the so called invisible barrier that prevents women and minorities from advancing to the top jobs in organizations. True.
An individual's ___ refers to his or her tendency to respond to situations and events in a predetermined manner. disposition
True or False: The big five dimensions of personality are autonomy, Machiavellianism, empathy, locus of control and affectivity. False.
Diversity helps companies grow by ____ improving the quality of problem solving.
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