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Chemistry Vocab #7

Chemistry Vocab #151-175

The break up of a nucleus into medium-weight parts. Fission
A test to determine the identity of an element in a compound by the color which the compound imparts. Flame Tests
The process by which low-grade ores are separated from gangue as a result of preferential wetting agent. Flotation
A material which flows; a liquid or gas. Fluid
A material used to promote the fusion of materials. Flux
The pull or push on a body. Force
A solution containing one gram formula weight of solute per liter of solution. Formal Solution
The concentration of a solution expressing gram-formula weight per liter of solution. Formality
A shorthand method of representing the composition of substances using chemical symbols and numerical subscripts. Formula
A concise symbolized picture of a chemical change. Formula Equation
A chemical formula which denotes the constituent elements of a molecular substance and the number of atoms of each composing one molecule. Formula, Molecular
A formula which indicates kind, number, arrangement, and valence bonds of the atoms in a molecule. Formula, Structural
The sum of the atom weights of all of the atoms present in a chemical formula. Formula Weight
The -C=O-H group. Formyl Group
The net driving force of a reaction system; the difference between the change in heat content and the change in entropy occurring in a reaction system. Free Energy Change
The process of converting a liquid into a solid. Freezing
The freezing point depression of a solvent in a l-molal solution of a molecular solvent. Freezing Point Constant, Molal
A chemical material that kills non-green plants known as fungi. Fungicide
The combination of light-weight nuclei to form a heavier, more stable nuclei. Fusion
To coat iron or steel with zinc. Galvanize
A high-energy electromagnetic wave emitted from the nucleus of a radioactive element. Gamma Ray
Worthless rock or soil in which valuable minerals occur. Gangue
The state of matter characterized by neither a definite volume nor a definite shape. Gas
A perfect gas; one which conforms exactly to the gas laws. Gas, Ideal
A fuel gas made by blowing a blast of steam through a bed of red hot carbon. Gas, Water
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