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Science Flow Rate

The rate of flow of fluids

Viscosity a measure of how easily a fluid particles are able to silde past one another
Fluids materials that have no fixed shape and free to flow, such as liquids and gases
Particle Theory Of Matter a theory that helps explain what matter is made of
Laminar Flow a smooth pattern of flow
Turbulent Flow an irregular, mixing flow pattern
Eddy an area of slower-moving fluid that occurs behind an obstacle
Streamlined a smooth shape designed to decrease resistance to fluid flow
Flow Rate a measure of how quickly fluids move; measured in a volume per unit time
Cohesion a measure of how strongly the particles of a fluid attract each other
Surface Tension the strong attraction among the particles that form the surface of a liquid
Adhesion the attraction between the particles of a substance and the particles of another substance
Fluid Mechanics the study of fluid and how they behave when at rest and when moving
Fluid Dynamics a part of the study of fluid mechanics concerned with how fluids move
Aerodynamics a part of fluid dynamics concerned with how gases move
Hydrodynamics a part of fluid dynamics concerned with how liquids move
Oxygen releasing energy from food
Blood acts as a transport system to take materials to cells as well as gather wastes from cells
Sweat cools the body
Saliva lubricates food for swallowing and begins chemical digestion
Urine eliminates dissolved wastes from the body
Stomach Acid Aids chemical digestion of food
State the particle theory • all matter is made of tiny particles • particles have empty spaces between them • particles are moving randomly all the time • particles move faster and spread farther apart when they are heated • particles attract each other
Factors of flow rate 1 the type of fluid that is flowing (thin fluids flow faster than thick fluids)
Factors of flow rate 2 the force pushing on the fluid (stronger forces produce faster flow) rates)
Factors of flow rate 3 the size of the pipe or opening the fluid is flowing through (larger opening means lower flow rate)
Factors of flow rate 4 the type of surface over which the fluid is flowing (smooth surfaces allow for faster flow)
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