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Health In.

vocab on Health Insurance

Insurance that pays nonsurgical care in the doctor's office, patient's home and hospital regular medical insurance protects a worker against loss of income from long illness or accident disability income insurance
a combination of hospital, surgical, and regular medical insurance basic health coverage Organizations that provide complete health care to members for a fixed monthly payment HMOs
protects against the high cost of serious illnesses or injuries major medical insurance A group of physicians, clinic or a hospital that contracts with an employer to provide medical services to employees PPO
provision in which the insured pays a certain percentage of the costs above the deductible amount coinsurance clause provides medical and survivor benefits to people injured, disabled or killed on the job Worker's compensation
insurance that combines hospital, surgical regular and major medical into one policy comprehensive medical policy insurance administered by the state to assist financially needy families Medicaid
Health insurance provided by the federal government for ages 65 and older, includes disabled Medicare
pays most to all charges for room, food and other hospital expenses that the insured person incurs Hospital Insurance helps pay for normal dental care and covers dental injuries resulting from accidents dental insurance
provides benefits to cover part or all of the surgeon's fee for an operation surgical insurance covers eye examinations, prescription lenses, frames and contact lenses vision care insurance
Created by: MDHendrickson
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