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Unit 3


How many different types of chemical bonds are there? Five
What type of bond occurs when one or more electrons from one atom are transferred to another atom? ionic
This is a very strong force between atoms that holds them together. Chemical bond
Electrons in one atom are attracted to this in another atom and this attractive electrical force forms a bond. Protons
The bond between NA and Cl that holds the NaCl bond together is called what type of bond? Ionic
In the case of covalent bonds, the electrons are not given away they are?? Shared
When one chlorine atom is covalently bonded to another chlorine atom, this forms a ________________ of chlorine. molecule
A __________tells us what chemicals make up a compound. Chemical formula
Chemical _____________ are uses in formulas to represent the elements. Symbols
The formula H2O means that there are ______________atoms of hydrogen. Two
The chemist signifies two moles of H2O by writing a 2 in ________ of the formula front
Salt has the chemical name of _________ Sodium chloride
Remember, ________________ created the elements and their chemical properties God
_________ and other scientists have developed a system of naming things in order to work with them Chemists
Sodium chloride is an example of a type of compound, called a ___________ compound Binary
The actual event when the chemicals come together and bond is called a ______ Chemical reaction
A chemical ______is one of the many things that can result from chemical reactions bond
The ___________ are the substances we begin with in a reaction Reactants
The _____________ are what remains after the reaction takes place Product
The best definition for an acid is that it can donate or give away a _________ in a reaction Proton
Acids corrode, or eat away, ________ Metals
Acids react with another type of compound called _________ Bases
The definition of _________________ is an atom with a charge (+ or -) Ion
Bases are ____________ to the touch slippery
Bases _________hydrogen ions in a reaction Gain
Tin fluoride (snF2) is a salt made in the laboratory by chemists and is used in toothpaste to _________ prevent cavities
The oceans in the world are filled with _____________ Salt
A salt that is found in chalk and limestone calcium carbonate
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