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Chemical changes

__________changes produce substances that have new and different properties. Chemical
Name at least three signs of a chemical change. Color, temperature change, light, a gas is produced, new odor, or a powdery solid settles out.
Rust, or iron oxide, is an example of a ______. compound
A _____________ is a chemical combination of two or more substances. compound
A new compound being produced is due to a _______ change. chemical
Which is the element and which is the compound? Sodium and salt Salt is the compound, and Sodium that helps to make salt is the element.
The links that hold molecules and compounds together, like holding hands, are called bonds
What chemical properties are produced when you add vinegar to steel wool? Color change- It turns a rusty color Heat is produced A gas is let off
Chemical reactions that give off heat are said to be.... exothermic
Chemical reactions can also absorb energy, and temperature drops because of this. These reactions are said to be endothermic
When you mix baking soda and vinegar together in a bottle and attach a balloon to it, the balloon inflates. What new compound is produced? carbon dioxide gas, that's what!!
Bonds holding a chemical together would be a _____ change. chemical of course! Hi Sydney!
Physical change or Chemical change? Your body digesting food chemical
Physical change or Chemical change? Burning paper? Chemical, ash being produced, odor etc.
Physical change or Chemical change? Cutting paper into the cutest paper snowflakes physical
Physical change or Chemical change? Freezing physical, nothing new is produced
Physical change or Chemical change? When you bake a cake or cookies? chemical, gas is produced when the batter is heated up.
Physical change or Chemical change? When pennies tarnish or the Statue of Liberty starts to turn green chemical, color change
Physical change or Chemical change? Water freezing physical, same substance, just changing state
A group of tightly bonded atoms acting like a single particle? m.................... molecule
Chris thinks that melting would be a _______ change. Physical of course.
Making compounds, creating new substances, and making molecules would be examples of a ________ change. chemical
A change creating odor would be a ____ change. chemical
Baking soda and vinegar in a bottle with a closed lid measures 35 grams. I chake bottle and it creates c. dioxide gas. I retake the mass. Will it be more now? NO, matter can't be created or destroyed. Molecules were just rearranged. Mass stays the same in a chemical change.
Created by: mrsyoung