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Chapter 19

Which term describes a reduction? manipulation
Which treatment of a fracture requires the fracture to be exposed to view or opened at a remote site for nailing across the fracture? open
Which of the following terms describes traction by use of strapping, elastic wraps, or tape? skin traction
Wound exploration codes have what service(s) bundled into the codes: exploration, enlargement, debridment, removal of foreign body, minor vessel ligation, repair
The application of a cranial halo is a form of: external fixation
This type of graft is often taken from the upper thigh area. fascia lata grafts
Insertion of a device into the muscle to measure the pressure within the muscle is monitoring of: interstitial fluid pressure
Fast becoming the treatment of choice for many orthopedic surgical procedures is what type of procedure? endoscopy/arthroscopy
What are the different types of fracture treatment? open, closed, percutaneous
What flap describes a bone graft that is taken along with the skin and tissue that overlies the bone? free osteocutaneous flap
Fracture codes are based on: treatment type (open, closed, percutaneous)
The restoration of a fracture or dislocation to its normal anatomic alignment by the application of manually applied force is known as: external manipulation
A hip replacement is coded based on the: reason for treatment (surgery)
Open treatment of a fracture is when the: fracture is exposed by an incision made over the fracture and the fractured bone is visualized
Where is the bimalleolar bone located? ankle
What is the difference between the code for a soft tissue abscess in the Musculoskeletal System subsection and the codes for abscess in the Integumentary System subsection? depth
Arthrocentesis is? aspiration, injection, and puncture of a joint
The acronym ORIF stands for: open reduction with internal fixation
____ is the attachment of a spinal fixation device at each end of the area being repaired and at least one other attachment in the area being repaired. segmental ?????
Electrical or ultrasound stimulation is used to: promote healing
A bunionectomy is a hallux ____ correction. vagus ???
Arthroscopy is a desirable treatment choice by physicians and patients because the: incisions are made smaller which decreases the risk of infection and speeds up recovery time
A ____ arthroscopy is always included in a surgical arthroscopy. diagnostic
Bone grafts for spinal surgery are often coded in conjunction with a surgical procedure. What is the appropriate modifier to apply to the bone graft code? none
Created by: Luluz