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officebilling 9, 10

physicians office billing CH

document that modifies an insurance contract, which may include addititional purchased benefits rider
give employee leaving a job the right to continue health coverage under employees plan for a limited time at own expense COBRA
government contractor that processes medicare part A claims fiscal intermediaty
claim data is audited and medicare contractors check for inappropriate billing is called medical review program
private insurance that beneficiaries may purchase to cover services not covered by medicare medigap
medicare coverage that pays for physician services medicare part B
certain time in which an employee can choose benefits open enrollment period
medicare coverage that pays for hospital care medicare part A
handles tasks like collecting premiums and processing and paying claims for a plan third-party claims administrator
give more reimbursement to providers who are considered highest quality and cost-effectiveness by the plan tiered networks
PPOs generally pay participating providers based on what discounted fee-for-services
pays for qualified medical expences of individuals who have high deductible plans and are under the age of 65 health saving accounts
largest emplyer-sponsored health program in the US federal employees health benefits program
a form given to Pts to inform them that medicare is unlikely to pay for a service ABN
a voluntary program established by CMS to collect and report performance measures physician quality reporting initiative (PQRI)
medicare is a federal medical insurance program established in 1965
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