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Eng vocab test2

Vocabulary Test 2 Lists

affirm to declare positively
babble to utter a meaningless confusion of words or sounds
boulevard a broad city street, often tree-lined and landscaped
centrifuge a machine that spins to separate liquids, especially blood
confetti small pieces of colored paper for parties
convolution a form or part that is folded or coiled
degenerate in a worse or lower condition
dentifrice a substance to clean the teeth; toothpaste
drone an idle person who moves off of others; mindless worker
figment something invented, made up, or fabricated
gingerly carefully or timidly
hearth the floor of a fireplace
iambic referring to a unit of rhythm that has one unstressed syllable, and then a stressed syllable
leviathan something unusually large of its kind; often a sea monster
loom a wooden frame for making fabric
luminous emitting light
mallet a short-handled hammer with a wooden head used to drive a chisel
medley a mixture or jumbled assortment
melancholy sad or persistently gloomy
minstrel show a comic variety where white performers dressed in black-face performing African American songs
oblivion total forgetfulness or mind-blank
parlor a small sitting room for socializing
repose a state of being at rest
salamander a small lizard
serenity a state of being unaffected, calm or peaceful
simmer to be cooked gently or just below boiling point
tarnish to dull the luster or shine of by exposing to air or something else; usually refers to metal or personality
tenant someone who pays rent for land or property
umbrageous providing shade; taking offence easily
venerable commanding respect by virtue of age, dignity, or position
tatters torn and hanging pieces of cloth; shreds
thence from that place; from there
anvil smooth-topped iron block used for shaping metal
barge a large flat-bottomed freight boat; rushing in
cavalcade a small group of people on horseback
churl a rude medieval English peasant, stingy
desolate devoid of inhabitants, deserted
glimmer a dim or intermittent flicker or flash of light; a trace
grail anything touched by Christ at the Last Supper
hart a deer that is hunted
hermit one who isolates himself from society and lives alone
joust to fight, but not to the death
nun a woman who lives in a religious community
ominous foretelling evil or harm
palfrey a saddle horse, usually for a woman to ride, smaller
perchance perhaps, possibly
recluse a person who lives in solitude
rive to tear apart or break into pieces
scullery a small room, connected to a kitchen, where kitchen chores are done
scurvy a disease caused by a deficiency of Vitamin C, causing gum disease
seneschal a household manager or steward
siege a land blockade
smite to strike a heavy blow using a hand or tool
squire a man who escorts a woman, an apprentice knight
steed a spirited horse or stallion, used by a knight; a warhorse
tarn a small lake in the mountains
tor rocky peak or hill
valiant possessing valor; brave
yonder in or at that indicated place; over there
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