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Chapters 24, 25

When urodynamics are performed and the physician only interprets the results, the correct modifier would be -26
To report the cystourethroscopic removal of a self-retaining indwelling ureteral stent, the correct codes would be 52310 or 52315. What modifier would be applied? -58
An instillation procedure of the bladder is performed for treatment of: bladder cancer
The type of treatment used to treat prostate cancer by placing the radioactive elements directly into the prostate. brachitherapy
When lithotripsy is performed, the patient may be surrounded by: liquid
What do the letters in UPP stand for? urethral pressure profile
Within the Male Genital System, the greatest numbers of codes fall under what category? penis
The term that describes the study of the motion and flow of urine is urodynamics
Endoscopic procedures within the Urinary subsection, Kidney subheading, are often divided based on this unique factor: whether stoma is present
Urethral dilatation codes are often divided based on this factor: initial or subsequent
Surgical laparoscopy always includes: diagnostic
For medical complications of pregnancy, the physician would report his additional professional services using codes from what section or subsection? E/M
When coding a total abdominal hysterectomy with an anterior/posterior colporrhaphy the correct modifier to add to the second procedure would be -51
Antepartum care includes:? initial and subsequent history & physical exams, blood pressure, patient's weight, routine urinalysis, fetal heart tones
The anatomy in the Female Genital System subsection starts with the vulva and progresses upward to the: ovaries
Incision and drainage of these glands are not reported using Female Genital System codes but are instead reported using Surgery section, Urinary System codes. Skene's Glands
According to the text, vulvectomy codes are divided based on the ____ and extent of vulvar area removed during the procedure. size
This term describes an incision of the vagina to gain access to the peritoneal cul-de-sac to explore or to drain an abscess. colpocentesis
Loop electrode excision procedures are also referred to as: leep, letz, cervical loop diathermy
Hysterectomy codes are first divided in the CPT manual based on the ____ and then on any secondary procedure(s) that were done. approach
In which category would you locate a code for the removal of an IUD? introduction
Lysis of adhesions is performed on either the fallopian tubes or the ovaries
You would expect to code a service for an amniocentesis using a code from the Female Genital System subsection and a code from the ____ section. radiology
Does the code 59400 include a cerclage no
What Surgery subheading has only two codes? endoscopy
Created by: Luluz