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Los Quehaceres N II

Hottman Navegando II Los Quehaceres

hacer la cama to make the bed
limpiar to clean
adornar to decorate
cocinar/preparar la comida to cook/prepare the food
dejar (de) to leave/to stop doing something
subir (algo) to climb/go up; to take something up
doblar la ropa to fold the clothes
colgar (o-ue) la ropa to hang the clothes
trabajar en el jardín to work in the garden
acabar de (+ infinitive) to have just
poner las cosas en su lugar to put things away
pasar la aspiradora to vacuum
arreglar to arrange/straighten/fix
recoger (recojo) la mesa to pick up/ to clear the table
dar de comer al perro to feed the dog
barrer to sweep
lavar las ollas to wash the pots and pans
sacar la basura to take out the trash
traer to bring
bañar al gato/perro to bathe the cat/dog
cortar el césped/el pasto to mow the lawn
cuidar a los niños to babysit
secar los platos to dry the dishes
planchar la ropa to iron
poner (pongo) la mesa to set the table
quitar la mesa to clear the table
regar (e-ie) las plantas to water the plants
quitar el polvo to dust
trapear to mop
Created by: khottman