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Kriz A+

Test 7

If you intended to dual boot a system, which would you install first? A. Linux B. Windows 98 C. Windows XP D. Windows Vista B. Windows 98
If you had bad sectors on your hard drive, which tool will help you recover data from them and avoid using them in the future? A. Backup software B. MMC C. MSINFO32.exe D. chkdsk D. chkdsk
If you need help with the XCOPY command, how would you get it? A. Help XCOPY at the command prompt B. XCOPY /? at the command prompt C. Google it D. Any or all of the above D. Any or all of the above
What does the acronym SFC stand for? A. System File Checker B. Sorting File Collaborator C. Startup Format Checker D. Squirrels Forage Constantly A. System File Checker
What does the CP command do? A. Create Profiles B. Copies Properties C. Opens the Command Prompt D. Copies files D. Copies files
A backup which only saves changes since the last full backup is called what? A. Incremental B. Compressed C. Defragged D. Nerf herded A. Incremental
Which command would change the foreground and background color of the command prompt window? A. Clr B. Color C. Foreback D. Cd B. Color
The page file is stored under what name? A. Boot.ini B. Pagefile.sys C. Virtual.mem D. Ram.noram B. Pagefile.sys
What would be the results if you typed Date at the command prompt and pressed enter? A. The date would be displayed B. The date would be diplayed and you would be prompt to change it C. You would recieve an error message D. You would recieve a small fr B. The date would be displayed and you would be prompt to change it
Typing Dir at a command prompt and pressing enter will show the content of a folder. What does the ("..") symbolize? A. The child directory B. The current directory C. The parent directory D. Nothing it's just always there C. The parent directory
Typing Exit and pressing Enter at the command prompt will exit the window. True
To display and use a command prompt, I could type CMD in the run prompt. True
Typing Clear and pressing Enter at a command prompt will erase the hard drive. False
A dual boot system will have two active partitions. False
Moving the page file to a floppy disk will improve performance. False
To read output from a command prompt one screen at a time, you can use the More command. True
Most of the data about a particular user's environment is stored in a file called ntuser.dat. True
The Disk Cleanup utility will allow you to clear out temporary files. True
XP uses the "Program and Features" window to add and remove software. False
You should never test your backup plan. False
What is the name and the function of the asterisk("*") symbol in a command prompt? Wild card and it allows to search for file in a directory by the extension or the file name
What is the diffrence between a basic and dynamic drive? A basic drive acts normally in windows and a dynamic drive is used to give a folder more storage and it's properties are found on the folder and not under my computer
What is a Restore Point? It is an earlier date that you can restore your computer to
Desribe two things you should regularly do to your Windows OS as preventative maintenance? You should backup your files and defrag your hard drive
How would you verify which programs will open when you start up Windows? You can verify the programs in the system properties menu
Created by: JasonA