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small piece إربة
to send, transmit أرسل
to call, send for, summon استدعى
to find strange استغرب
to consume استهلك
to wait انتظر
to cry بكى\يبكي
to get married تزوج
to become involved, entangled تورط
to become insane جن
to edit, write حرر
editor in chief رءيس تحرير
to be sad, mourn حزن
allergy, sensitivity حساسية
to tell, recount حكى\يحكي
specifically خصيصا
to knock, bang دق
precise, accurate, rigorous دقيق
rest راحة
to win ربح
office boy ساع
cargo, shipment, load شحنة
strength, intensity, severity شدة
owner, proprietor صاحب
headache صداع
uncommon طريف
cooking pot طنجرة
to blame, scold عاتب
to be reasonable عقل
to be absent, stay away غاب
suddenly فجاة
to examine, test فحص
chicken, young bird فرخة
to kill, murder, slay قتل
dirty, unclean قدر
worried, uneasy قلق
to be about to do كاد
to catch up, keep close لحق
tongue, language لسان
entrance, foyer, intro مدخل
to wipe off, clean, erase مسح
essay, article مقالة
star نجم
easy life, blessing نعمة
money, currency نقد
joke, anecdote نكتة
to get someone in trouble, involve them in difficulties ورط
to weigh وزن\يزن
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