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Anglo Saxon Prefixes

Anglo Saxon Prefixes and suffixes

What is Fore? Before hand, front, before
What is forearm? part of the arm from the wrist to the elbow
What is forebear? ancestor or forefather.
What is foreboding? feeling before hand of coming trouble; misgiving;omen.
What is forecast? estimte beforehand of a future happening; a prediction.
What is forefront? froemost place orpart; vanguard.
What is foregoing? going before; preceding; previous.
What is foremost? standing at the front; first;leading.
What is foreshadow? indicate beforehand.
What is foresight? act of looking forward; prudence; power of seeing beforehand what is likely to happen.
What is foreword? front matter preceding the text of a book; preface; introduction; prologue.
What is Mis? bad, badly, wrong, wrongly.
What is misbelief? wrong or erroneous belief.
What is misdeed? bad act; wicked deed; crime; offense.
What is misfire? fail to be fired or exploded properly.
What is misgiving? Uneasy feeling; feeling of doubt or suspicion; foreboding.
What is mishap? bad happening; misfortune; unlucky accident
What is mislay? put or lay in an unremembered place.
What is mislead? lead astray; decieve; delude.
What is misstep? wrong step; slip in conduct or judgement.
What is Out? beyong, out, more than, longer than.
What is outgron? grow beyond or too large for.
What is outlandish? looking or sounding as if it belongs to a foreign land.
What is outlast? lasts longer than; outlive; survive.
What is outlook? looking ahead or beyone; prospect for the future.
What is output? yeild or product; amount produced.
What is outrun? run faster than.
What is outspoken? speaking out freely or boldly; to be frank.
What is outwit? get the better of by being more clever; outsmart; outfox.
What is Over? too, excessively, over, beyond.
What is overbearing? domineering, bossy, inclined to dictate.
What is overburden? place too heavy a load on; burden excessivley; overtax; overload.
What is overconfident? too sure of oneself; excessivley confident.
What is overdose? quantity of medicine beyond what is to be taken at one time or in a given period; too big a dose.
What is overestimate? make too high an estimate of the worth or size of something or someone; overvalue; overrate.
What is overgenerous? too liberal in giving; excessivley openhanded.
What is overshadow? 1.cast a shadow over; overcloud; obscure more important than; outweigh
What is oversupply? too great a supply; an excessive supply.
What is overwhelm? cover over completley; overpower; overthrow; crush.
What is Un? not, lack of, do the opposite of, remove or release from.
What is unabridged? not abridged; not made shorter; uncut; complete.
What is unbiased? not biased; not prejudiced in favor of or against.
WHat is unconcern? lask of concern, anxiety, pr interest.
What is undecieve? free from deception or mistaken ideas.
What is ungag? remove a gag from, remove censorship.
What is unnerve? deprive of nerve or courage; cause to lose self-control.
What is unquenchable? not capable of being satisfied.
aWhat is unscramble? do the opposite of scramble.
What is unshackle? to release from a shackle.
What is unwary? not wary; not alert; heedless; rash.
What us under? beneath, lower
What is underbrush? shrubs, bushes.
What is underdeveloped? insufficiently developed because of lack of capital and trained personel.
What is underpayment? insufficient payment.
What is underprivileged? deprived throught social or economic oppression of some fundamental rights supposed to belong to all.
What is underscore? draw a line beneath, emphasize, stress.
What is undersell? sell at a lower price than.
What is undersigned? person or persons who sign at the end of a letter or document.
WHat is understatement? a statement below the truth; a restrained statement in moking contrast to what might be said.
What is understudy? one who studies under and learns the part of a regular performer so at to be a subsitute if necessary.
What is Up? up, upward?
What is upcoming? coming up, being in the near future.
What is update? bring up to date, modernize.
What is upgrade? raise the grade or quality of.
What is upheval? violent heaving up, as of the earth's crust.
What is upkeep? maintenance, cost of operating and repairing.
WHat is uplift? lift up, elevate
What is upright? standing up straight on the feet, erect, honest.
What is uproot? pull up by the roots, remove completley.
What is upstart? person who has suddenly risen to wealth and power.
What is upturn? upward turn toward better conditions.
What is With? back, away, against.
What is withdraw? 1.take or draw back or away 2. leave or retreat.
What is withdrawl? 1. act of taking back or drawing out from a place of deposit. 2. retreat, exit, departure.
What is withhold? to hold back or keep from giving, to restrain.
What is withholding tax? sum withheld or deducted from wages for tax purposes.
WHat is withstand? to stand up against, hold out, resist.
What is notwithstanding? in spite of, despite.



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