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AP Spanish Vocab

Heredero Heir/inheritor
Ajena foreign
Diarios daily/diaries
Cuantiosa substantial
Concordia consent
Dirigir to direct
Jesuitas Jesuits
Asesinar to assassinate
Lenguaje language
gitanos gypsies
Carrete reel
revelar to reveal
Juez judge
Amenazar to threaten
Perseguir to persecute
Insospechar to unsuspect
laboral workable
sindicar to sindicate
supervivencia survival
Transcurrir To pass
Dolencia ailment
Lisa Iris
Ensortijar to curl
Debil weak
Intrusa Intruder
Disfrazar to disguise
Desparecer to disappear
Insatisfechos dissatisfied
Inutiles useless
alejar to alienate
Persianas persian blinds
Embrujar to bewitch
frituras frying
apetitosas appetizing
embobar to amaze
engarzar to set
traicion treason
pavadas claptrap
marido husband
amada female lover
palos sticks
atabales kettle drums
convertir to transform
bruscamente suddenly
incapaces incapable
sueldo salary
titubear to dilly dally
sollozar to sob
analfabeta illiterate
Created by: HPTigger