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WWW list 14 only 25

www list 14

TOX poison
ERG work
SOM body
SAPRO rotton
VOL will
SOROR sister
PLEO more
STA stop
RHODO rose
SPOR seed
DOM rule
TRICH hair
TAXI arrangement
A plural
FRAT brother
SECT cut
SCHIZO divide
PARA beside or near
HIPPO horse
RHIZ root
POD foot
ZYM ferment
TROPH nourshiment
ZYGO yoke
VAL worth
CRYPT hidden
CARN flesh
PED child
LOQU talk
THEO god
TRACT pu;;
FID faith
OUS full of
MAN hand
NYM name
TACT touch
META change
URB city
IL not
ECTO outer
POLIS city
SPIR breathe
TRANS across
CLUD close
PRIM first
SON sound
GEO earth
SUR over
OSE sugar
PHAG eat
LEUK white
GLYC sweet
LYS break down
OLIG few or small
PHYT plant
PHYLL leaf
INFRA beneath
AER air
AB away
ECO house
FIL thread
ALB white
EPI on
CHLOR green
SURG rise
PAN all
SOL alone
LUM light
PARL speak
AG to do
JUNCT join
BAS low
MORT death
ISO equal
CURS run
LAT side
HETERO different
NOMY law
PHIL love
RID laugh
PETR rock
LEG readmake
FY make
OID appearance
CLE small
PER through
DIA across
OSTEO bone
ACR sharp
GAMY marriage
PYRO fire
GREG group
OCTA eight
MONO one
DYNA power
ORTHO straight
Created by: cindijoanwallace