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MPA Chs 6-8

Mi Propio Auto Chapters 6-8 Vocab

máquinas machines
sucias dirty
le duele hurts
compite competes
pelota ball
equipos teams
vale is worth
éxito success
corto short (length)
cultivan they grow
agua corriente running water
pueblito village
se sientan they sit
acostumbrado used to; accustomed to
despues after
entiende understands
comerciales businesses
podría could
tal so, such
mundo world
gringo American
estaba harto was fed up, sick of
ya terminó already finished
tal vez maybe
quedarse to stay
antigua old
siguiente next
relajado relaxed
durmió slept
huele smells
dando giving
pelear to fight
fuegos artificiales fireworks
desfiles parades
bomberos firefighters
Líderes leaders
sorprendida surprised
gaseosas sodas
Cariño dear; care
sigue continues; follows
razón reason
sentirse to feel
tristeza sadness
pobreza poverty
Created by: snesbitt